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You might get details about the conditions and the certification processes below

By on October 20, 2021

You might get details about the conditions and the certification processes below

FAQ for organizations


How can we get a start sample centre licence?

There is the informatioin needed for the conditions as well as the licensing processes in this article.

Which sample idea is the attack predicated on?

The onSET is based on the C-Test concept. The onSETa€™s examination responsibilities become gap assessments and those are made in accordance with the rules for building C-Tests. Read more about that in this article.


Really does the onSET offer information about specific words competences?

No. No differentiating words can be accomplished concerning the competences examining, paying attention, composing or talking by using the onSET listings. However, discover nearby, empirically confirmed links (correlations) for all four terminology competences.

Which CEFR rates include separated?

The result during the onSET, i.e. the sum range spots, represents one of many popular American platform of resource (CEFR) amounts A2, B1, B2 and C1. No differentiation is manufactured below A2 and above C1.

Which institutions can acquire a start license?

Educational facilities can use for a licence, together with businesses which might assure dependable, capable and scientifically faultless government of this online tongue examination. DAAD lectorates and already registered TestDaF and TestDaF centres can even obtain an onSET license.

What amount of does it cost you to obtain a start challenge centre permit?

Issue of a beginning permit is free of charge the applying schools.

Which technical obligations are necessary for implementation of the onSET?

To go the beginning, you want a laptop room with a system of at least two computers with internet access. One computer can be used as a control desktop to manipulate the test. The associate pcs and management pc should really be loaded with the modern variations with the websites windows Mozilla Firefox or yahoo firefox.

Can the test be taken on the ipad and other tablets or additional smartphones?

No. The placement try can just be studied on a computer or notebook.

Which internet browser should always be utilized for the implementation of the exam?

Satisfy operate the present versions of Mozilla Firefox or Bing firefox for that person computers as well management desktop computer. Utilizing these browsers ensures a reliable implementation of test.

Are you able to need examination reports for reports functions?

If you desire to make clinical data on attack, make sure you address the consult within the TestDaF-Institut.

Deal amounts

How to find transaction figures (TANs) required for?

Transaction data (TANs) utilized from taste taker s participants to book a test. Examination colleges acquire the TANs using the internet from the TestDaF Institute.

Simply how much does indeed a bronze expenses?

The buying price of one attack TAN varies between 4 and 9 euros (plus 7% VAT) according to amount ordered. TANs for 50 or even more screening comes in increasingly less costly plans. The most important package including 500 TANS costs merely 4 euros per test (plus 7percent VAT).

How can TANs generally be ordered?

TANs may purchased online through the site for licensed examination centres. a bill for the purchase is definitely made immediately comprising a pdf downloading. After bill of fee the brown offer you may have bought is made to be found in the test middle webpage. DAAD lectorates additionally order TANs via the test middle portal but do not obtain an invoice. The TANs are available online a few days afterwards.

Just how long include TANs valid?

TANs stays legitimate until they are used to book a check day and till the day of the booked test has gone by. If you get newer TANs, all previously purchased and empty TANs remain legitimate. From inside the challenge hub portal you will see which TANs were used and which have been still good. Should you wish to change an evaluation go steady lined up for example night to another night, undoubtedly need to do therefore, the morning ahead of the examination date within latest. Without rebooking the bronze ends up being broken at nighttime belonging to the overnight.

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