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You’ll get from vaginal sex directly to anal. BUT DON’T GO FROM RECTAL INTERCOURSE STRAIGHT TO VAGINAL SEX.

By on April 15, 2021

You’ll get from vaginal sex directly to anal. BUT DON’T GO FROM RECTAL INTERCOURSE STRAIGHT TO VAGINAL SEX.

So What Now?

Given that you learn how to have anal intercourse together with your guy that is both satisfying and enjoyable, my recommendation is the fact that you see the next chapter within the anal intercourse Guide on the best way to plan rectal intercourse. From then on, remember to take a look at the best anal intercourse positions and then discover ways to consume ass (it may be really enjoyable and super kinky). And should your man is thinking about anal play, then make certain you discover ways to provide him a prostate therapeutic massage.

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Okay, simply hear me down… because we don’t desire anybody thinking this really is 100% birth prevention. No, your anus will not link you any such thing to cause maternity. Consider it like masturbating on your partner’s vulva (the lips and stuff on the outside), it is because there was a little possibility that the small swimmers could swim all of the method home. This is simply not quite typical, however it is feasible.


When you have got genital intercourse, plus the man cums then (almost all of the right time) takes out. What the results are then? (perhaps not certain exactly how graphic we can… be here) a few of the semen comes back out and gets in the sheets, your panties, down your leg… you will get the image. Ever realized that if remain nevertheless on your own back or it is released pretty quickly, down you to the bed… passing near / over / maybe even slightly in the anus that it runs.

Now flip that over… anal sex was had by you. In my opinion it comes back away pretty quick when I take out. So how does it get? Directly down via gravity to your sheets… therefore much like the above, it (quicker than you would imagine) will come down and slide right down to your genital opening. Just how near will be the two? If you don’t already know just, (CLEANLY WITHOUT TOUCHING ONE ANOTHER) slip a hand in each gap during the time that is same. Just what can you say, perhaps a 1/4″ on average? MEN Note: Gently squeezing this certain area together with your thumb and hand can cause pleasure on her and works great during dental. 🙂

Therefore with regards to the level of semen, umm.. how “open” it really is either from previous sex or simply just to be able to quite easily simply take virtually any guy (ended up being that the politically correct solution to say that? lol), the way you wipe (STILL FRONT TO BACK), or if you can get dressed fast plus it all spills to your panties and then your “lady parts” are rubbing all inside it as you move and walk. It will be possible for sufficient semen to obtain within the vagina to bring about maternity. It is possible through “splash conception” as you can see, while not real common, but. A survey that is quick of 10 Google “hits” is when I have that quantity. 8% failure price.


you are able to get from vaginal intercourse right to anal. BUT DON’T GO FROM RECTAL INTERCOURSE RIGHT TO VAGINAL SEX. It generates for an unpleasant experience, as infections are extremely typical. If “cleanliness” is a problem, whenever I first began We preferred to put on a condom for anal to be “cleaner” perhaps not for birth prevention. This may really decrease friction and also make insertion easier and just a little less uncomfortable the couple that is first. (Use non-ribbed or texture free condoms.)

an individual will be both familiar with it, we realize that often her lubrication being released from genital sex and all sorts of over my penis when I grab is perhaps all i want for anal penetration. (Tried the time that is first 5-6 regular anal encounters.) Simply alert her before you try this without a warning before you switch, or make sure you know her body enough. Based on gravity and exactly how excited she stays, I usually find as she can have multiples “back to back” in either entrance that she stays almost as wet in the back as the front… but she REALLY likes it. Before we came across, she had been 35, she had tried anal as soon as and hated it, together with only had 6 orgasms total during sex inside her life, now she’s 6 in a line or maybe more just throughout the anal part of things.

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