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Yandere Simulation Growth Ideas. And with that, my 7-day-long post flash wraps up.

By on November 20, 2021

Yandere Simulation Growth Ideas. And with that, my 7-day-long post flash wraps up.

Merry Christmas, every person!

This year’s yandere-themed holiday parody is founded on the 1944 traditional, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”! I’m hoping you enjoy it!

This became the previous clip that i desired to publish before coming back 100percent of the care about advancement.

For you personally to plunge back in the action!


I’m happy to say that watching someone have fun with the Amai difficulty provides me with exactly the form of records i used to be looking for! Over the past week, I’ve witnessed participants using stealth, warning, and strategy, rather than only taking up a Scheme and sticking with each step on a checklist. it is thus rewarding observe users planning abstraction down in advance, carefully concealing systems, and cautiously peeking around edges. That’s precisely what the game play is often meant to be love! It’s been a pretty hard-hitting reminder of what I ended up being initially picturing your event, and where I should end up being focusing our focus on development.

The experience in addition has demonstrated me personally many much more pests, exploits, and match design weaknesses, which I’ll become addressing the moment I’m able to. Enjoy a bug-fixing build soon!

Cheers for adopting the growth of Yandere machine!

P.S. – just check out this wonderful video that Victorialand produced, according to finally year’s Christmas single!

Our Really Love Is Actually Stronger Than You

In 2017, after the release of “Even Yanderes Really Need To Love“, Michaela law recorded the vocals for a yandere-themed parody of this Steven galaxy single “Stronger then You“. I wanted to show they into a songs clip and release they, but I happened to be stressed that folks would whine that i ought to become doing Osana alternatively, therefore I chose to delay the production for the training video until after Osana ended up being finished.

After Osana was actually finally released, Having been busy fixing pests and making improvements toward the trial for a couple of days, and so I couldn’t has an opportunity to build a music training video due to this track until December. And then we assumed troubled this will be truly bizarre if my favorite 1st movie on YouTube after longer absence is a silly audio movie, thus I determined that i ought to relieve various films about game developing before submitting this.

Currently, the time period possess finally come! I’ve finished Osana and I’ve launched 5 “game progress” videos, so I think Im finally justified in issuing a silly “just for fun” clip.

Hopefully you imagine it’s adorable and humorous!

If Will Yandere Simulator Be Polished? When’s The Crowdfunding Plan? When’s Amai?

Update: Oops! The brand new acquire that I uploaded met with the .exe inside the wrong room, so the sport wouldn’t managed. I’ve re-uploaded the build employing the .exe in the right place. Remember to install the newest develop to tackle the game without having to wreak havoc on the area associated with .exe. Sorry about that!

Of all the videos I’ll staying uploading in December, it’s the foremost an individual. This video advice a bunch of points:

  • What’s the considerations for finishing a rival?
  • How rapidly can newer match be included in the overall game?
  • What exactly is lacking to increase the rivals within the games?
  • How does Yandere simulation need a crowdfunding run?
  • What will function as pull purpose your crowdfunding marketing campaign?
  • Just what will come when crowdfunding campaign is not able?
  • Just what does YandereDev must do before launching the crowdfunding strategy?
  • How comen’t YandereDev only make use of his own Patreon dollars to engage a team?
  • How much money of this money raised by the Crowdfunding promotion ought to go to YandereDev?
  • Precisely what seasons will Yandere simulation be released in?
  • As soon as will YandereDev publish the crowdfunding plan?
  • Any time will Amai end up being done?
  • Maybe there is any further “Challenges” just like the Amai problem?
  • Exactly what will YandereDev getting targeting at this juncture?

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