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While PIR-SIR sets have become much from the current situation, Event-Indicator sets are closely pertaining to a Threat Model or Doctrinal Template.

By on May 2, 2021

While PIR-SIR sets have become much from the current situation, Event-Indicator sets are closely pertaining to a Threat Model or Doctrinal Template.

They’ve been generic, and preferably are made far prior to the mission. Ancient Field Manuals (from before 1991) frequently had Indicator listings for such Activities as “Enemy Offense”, “Enemy Defense”, “Nuclear Attack, etc. To make use of them, they have to be associated with the present objective and its intelligence requirements: a meeting may be pertaining to many PIR, but a PIR relates to only 1 occasion. This limitation keeps the main focus associated with the PIR.

An Indicator may be linked to numerous SIRs, and each SIR may be linked to indicators that are many.

Understand that this isn’t a movement chart, a PERT diagram, or just about any procedure map. It really is a Relationship Diagram, and specifies the relationships involving the various types of information that individuals call PIRs, SIRs, SORs, and so forth. Visualize each one of the above groups as a spreadsheet that is separate or dining table of data. Because we now have associated these tables, we could place or extract information in any manner we choose.


This shows the effectiveness of the Relational Database throughout the spreadsheet that is simple present in our doctrine! Particularly, the database does not care exactly how you build the SOR. As an example.

1. You are able to build the SOR from scratch by combining one SIR and something NAI and something Collector.

2. You can easily first pair enthusiasts using the NAIs they have been currently watching, then designate each set more than one SIRs.

3. You can easily pair SIRs because of the enthusiasts most suitable to collect that variety of information, and then designate the set to one or more NAIs predicted within the Event Template.

4. You can easily set SIRs using the NAIs per the predictions in the occasion Template, and assign each pair then the Collector suitable to gather that information.

5. You certainly can do all four of the practices in the exact same time! Begin by combining deployed enthusiasts using their NAIs. Then set SIRs to NAIs per the function Template. Then simply take a few SIRs that obviously need certain enthusiasts and pair those. Then change to the “Build From Scratch” view to complete the blanks.

The database doesn’t care. As the tables are especially associated, the information and knowledge flows into the place that is appropriate the correct dining table, and pushing the Report switch causes it to move straight back off to produce your Collection Plan!

This is not concept. The Demo Database that accompanies it is done by this article.

Exhale – Breathe

Always remember that the objective of most of the above is to create cleverness this is certainly ideal for battle preparation and choice generating. You mentally digested the Intelligence needs of the product and exhaled a lot of Collection and review demands by means of SORs. Through the Collection and review procedure you will inhale combat information that really must be mentally digested and changed into the Intelligence which was necessary for a choice. The “exhaled” framework of SORs should determine the quality and appropriateness for the given information you may later “inhale”. Ask the incorrect concerns regarding the incorrect individuals and you are in a position to produce the reply to the PIR. fundamentally!

Which means entire procedure for Focusing Intelligence, featuring its vast selection of automatic tools must itself be dedicated to the work of Intelligence manufacturing.

Before we are able to talk about the mechanics of Intelligence manufacturing, we have to glance at exactly how cleverness is clearly utilized. The next article will address the nature of decision making, its relationship to Intelligence Consumption, and an initial approach to the formulation of an Intelligence Consumption Rate since the purpose of intelligence is to support decision making related to battle planning and execution.

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