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Which should not use Fiona? Really the only energy you might not desire to use Fiona is if you’re searching for debts besides signature loans and student loan refinancing.

By on November 13, 2021

Which should not use Fiona? Really the only energy you might not desire to use Fiona is if you’re searching for debts besides signature loans and student loan refinancing.

Unfortuitously, Fiona does not offer a quotation evaluation for mortgage loans or auto loans.

Pluses and minuses

Rapid price techniques — Fiona requires a few questions and requires simply seconds receive their rates.

Reliable organizations — Fiona best works with many reliable loan companies, so you’re able to do not forget you’re getting cited a fair costs.


Fiona is free of charge! — Fiona is completely able to make use of and can never determine your credit rating.

Useful studies hardware — Fiona provides the read site, which includes educational information for cost savings profile, bank cards, and loans.

Minimal price alternatives — Fiona just offers four financial loans for comparison.

Perhaps not an immediate loan provider — Using Fiona is only the initial step for you to get financing. After Fiona offers you solutions, you’ll nevertheless must implement directly through the lender of your choice.

Fiona competition

Fiona is not the only aggregator obtainable. I’ve stated previously Policygenius, but there’s in addition LendingTree.

To offer a sense of their own differences, I’ve whipped up a desk that compares the 3 service below:


Policygenius works in quite similar ways Fiona do. But, as opposed to centering on loans, charge cards, and benefit records, Policygenius provides rates for most different types of insurance rates.

To help you need Fiona and Policygenius alongside the other person, with respect to the economic items you’re looking for. But know that Policygenius does not has as rapid of a quote procedure as Fiona. Fiona requires a few moments, while Policygenius takes a few more minutes.

You’ll must also feel ready to give a few more personal details about you to ultimately bring a price from Policygenius.


LendingTree is an additional aggregator which can supply rates for home loans, unsecured loans, charge cards, insurance policies, debt relief, and student loans. Their particular price procedure is comparable to Policygenius and takes a short while to complete.

The big distinguisher is Lending Tree provides rates for all more financial products than Fiona. If you’re in search of mortgages, credit card debt relief, of private figuratively speaking, you’ll be better supported by LendingTree.

My personal experience using Fiona

I’ll certainly have a look once more if I wanted an individual financing

I’ve looked for personal loans before and often i simply research business by company, writing down the rate as I get. Fiona removed that entire processes. I acquired over a dozen loan selection in mere seconds. And extremely – it truly doesn’t see easier than that.

I wasn’t the biggest enthusiast of their charge card possibilities

After completing the personalizes mastercard webpage, I became just granted a number of bank cards – among that was a student cards (that we don’t be eligible for). This might considering Fiona simply doesn’t have actually as much partnerships with creditors while they manage signature loans. But, all in all, I happened to ben’t amazed along with their guidelines.

It actually was easy and simple quote researching skills I’ve had

Using Fiona had been easy and simple feel locating estimates I’ve ever had – and I’ve attempted almost all of the different aggregator choice.

While i’dn’t be able to find mortgage estimates or car finance quotes, I’ll joyfully need Fiona once again basically need to find your own mortgage or wish opened a savings account and want advice.


Fiona support borrowers identify personal loans and education loan refinancing possibilities. But that’s not all. You are able to compare various charge cards and savings accounts.

The quote procedure takes simply mere seconds, and you scarcely need bring any payday loans Mississippi laws private information – which is fantastic in today’s quickly hackable globe.

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