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What it is Like Online dating a White man as an Asian Girl

By on November 16, 2021

What it is Like Online dating a White man as an Asian Girl

As a Asian woman, I’ve gotten my personal fair share of being fetishized by white men.

Throughout year and a half I found myself on Tinder, white men of or just around my get older delivered myself communications instance:

  • “You’re my first Asian”
  • “Asa Akira”
  • “You look like an Asian goddess”

And greatest of all of the: “don’t Asian ladies love white dudes?”


I happened to be born and increased in Toronto by my moms and dads who had been in addition elevated in Toronto, therefore I is just as westernized because these men comprise.

Once I received communications off their individuals of color, they performedn’t even point out something about the proven fact that I was Asian.

We all know the most popular slang name “yellow fever”, which defines a (usually) white male whom fetishizes Asian females.


Breaking out-of my personal traditions

Having said that, you will also discover a great amount of Asian women that fetishize white guys just as much.

If we’re getting honest here, I found myself one of these brilliant babes at some point.

I outdated solely Asians throughout highschool, and when I began matchmaking my personal ex-boyfriend in grade 12, I begun solely dating white dudes.

It felt like I happened to be sort of “upgrading” you might say by moving away from my personal traditions.

We thought pleased that I was a lot more white-washed than all my personal other Asian friends.

Very, what changed?

We matured, generally.

Adam and I also being dating for more than a-year, and I’ve learned that our company is greatly alike.

Although we grew up which includes different traditions (my personal Chinese/Vietnamese heritage and his awesome Canadian/Jewish traditions), we more or less experienced similar childhoods as Canadian youngsters.

I also went to Hong-Kong finally summer, also it actually started my personal eyes to my Chinese traditions.

Yellow-fever vs. appeal

There is certainly a difference between creating yellow fever and just being drawn to the physical popular features of people from a specific tradition.

And you will very easily tell if a guy provides the former.

Genuinely, Tinder is one of the sole spots I’ve openly stumble on individuals with yellow-fever.

Toronto is really a multicultural spot, and interracial connections are really usual.

I’m pleased become Asian, and I’m implementing discovering Cantonese and Vietnamese (no less than the basics).

Relationship Adam doesn’t “upgrade” me by any means – we’re both equals.

I love your for exactly who he is, maybe not the color of their surface.

And that I undoubtedly don’t read your as a white chap – i recently read your as my personal man.

They were our panorama of internet dating white dudes as an Asian lady.

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What makes you “proud” is Asian? It isn’t really an achievement. That’s the particular tribalist b.s. that produces group consider others as “different.” Your appear most stupid. But then once again, make use of Tinder in order that matches.

I am hitched to an Asian. maybe not because of looks totally. but moreso because Asians have a far better feeling of families standards and morality that american woman tend to be losing. And Asians are much healthier in appearance and lifestyle behavior. White lady have become worldly and whine loads, and most get fat for whatever reason. My pals spouse that is white, is extremely worldly and complains all the time concerning the simplest issues. Asians posses an improved gratitude for what they will have and work tirelessly to have what they do have and esteem others in a better way.

@Jonathan Baldock, just what a racist dumb butt you may be

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