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we offer them with UX/UI wireframes, and additionally they turn those designs into genuine rule .

By on August 27, 2021

we offer them with UX/UI wireframes, and additionally they turn those designs into genuine rule .

That which was the range of the participation?

We depend on White Label programmers for extra development help for assorted tasks. We offer them with UX/UI wireframes, and so they turn those designs into genuine rule .What proof can you share that demonstrates the effect associated with engagement? Their programmers are responsive and proactive with regards to of item development. They’ve supplied us with great help, so I’m extremely pleased with our collaboration. Just just exactly How did White Label Coders perform from the task administration viewpoint?

The interaction happens to be really smooth. We talk for a daily basis via e-mail or phone. Sometimes, they’ll even engage with your consumers straight, and we’re confident that they’ll represent us well.

Just exactly just What do you find many impressive about them?

They’re proficient at staying with due dates. We never ever experience delays or major issues with the distribution for the task, which will be vital that you us. We think that’s one of the biggest skills.


What are the areas they might enhance? Do any advice is had by you for prospective customers? Challenge them to offer you technical software and advice tips. Their group lead is extremely smart and certainly will appear with original solutions you hadn’t idea of before.

Dev Help for Secure Nationwide Identification Venture

“They may be extremely competent, communicate well, and also have available resources.” White Label Coders had been tasked with modernizing the photos and consumer interaction solution for a credit solution. The solution would automate the verification procedure for a user’s nationwide number.

White Label Coders impressed using their performance. The automation task assisted establish the business’s credibility as an organization that is socially responsible. Now, clients have fast, quick access to solutions and certainly will communicate via internet and e-mail.

We are certainly one of Europe’s leading credit information providers, along with, a worldwide market frontrunner, providing built-in solutions and solutions in neuro-scientific business information, outsourcing and processing services, and danger management.

For Polish market, our company provides web site, allowing clients the bondage pal review capability to temporarily freeze or unfreeze their credit access, for just what tasks/services did your company employ White Label Coders? The solution secure Pesel necessary to automate its verification of PESEL quantity (nationwide recognition quantity) claims with their customer care workplace and in addition required a look that is fresh.

Exactly What were your targets with this task? Exactly exactly How did you choose this merchant?

The portfolio was checked by us and sources of WhiteLabelCoders. There have been 2 more vendors, however the quality of work set alongside the cost of this Partner seemed the very best. WhiteLabelCoders has prepared visual visualisations of internet pages and applied mechanisms supplied by our IT group. That which was the group structure? The look team at WhiteLabelCoders contained a task coordinator and two code writers and a visual designer. All of us supported the project by having a coordinator.

Is it possible to share any information that shows the impact that this project has received on the company?

Effective utilization of the Secure PESEL task has our organization’s credibility in the region of business responsibility that is social. Quick access to customer care, clear communicating online plus in email messages, and fast customer care would be the quality the organization really wants to offer to clients in Poland.

Just exactly How had been task management arranged and exactly how effective had been it? Venture administration had been in the relative part of WhiteLabelCoders and ended up being mainly on the basis of the Basecamp platform. All tasks, their reference and status materials had been collected in one single spot.

Exactly just exactly What do you see many impressive concerning this business? The absolute most impressive into the business ended up being the mixture of 3 elements in cooperation: they truly are very competent, communicate well, and also have available resources.

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