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Undersecretaries Helper Secretaries Bureau and Assistance Manager Local Directors Schools Unit Superintendents Common Basic and Additional Schooling Heads All Others Alarmed

By on October 9, 2021

Undersecretaries Helper Secretaries Bureau and Assistance Manager Local Directors Schools Unit Superintendents Common Basic and Additional Schooling Heads All Others Alarmed

1. The office of training (DepEd) challenges the encased standards on pass of students’ Faculty documents, which build typical procedures and methodologies regarding ask, and discharge of learners’ kind 137 (lasting Record) and type 138 (review credit) throughout community education all over the country.

2. This insurance policy will ensure the smooth and reliable requesting and releasing of students’ class lists without inconveniencing the learners and mothers.

3. All DepEd instructions and other associated issuances, regulations and rules, and provision, that happen to be irreconcilable due to this approach, were hereby repealed, rescinded, or customized appropriately.




I. Rationale

There’s two basic college information that reveal the learner’s visibility and scholastic and extra-curricular standings: version 137, referred to as the consistent tape, containing the learner’s page and famous educational report, and kind 138 as well as the document credit which shows the academic functionality of a learner in confirmed school year. DepEd Order No. 8, s bdsm dating services. 2015, the Classroom test Policy, supplied the principles regarding the data staying a part of Forms 137 and 138.

Type 138 try circulated to score 1 to 10 students every grading course while Grades 11 to 12 will receive it every ending term. At the end of the college annum, version 138 was a required data for a learner enrolling to another location grad amount precisely as it in addition suggest the learner’s advertising reputation. Whereas, school authorities request for the release of version 137 of levels 1 to 12 students that transfer to another one university or change from simple to additional.

Into the lack of specified methodologies, the procedure of asking for and publishing of certified university data of learners changes per faculty. This approach shall create the procedures to become embraced with the school in managing the learner’s college records when learners join, pass educational institutions, and ask for relevant records for more relevant reasons.

Two. Scope with the Strategy

These purchase aims to build standard processes plus standards from inside the request and discharge of learners’ means 137 (consistent recording) plus Form 138 (review Card) in total schools and Schools Division Offices (SDOs) nationwide.

III. Meaning Of Phrases

  1. Type 137 (long-lasting report) – long lasting college student tape expressing the traditional academic and co-curricular tape on the student
  2. Version 138 (review cards) – report showing the educational performance of a learner in a provided class 12 months
  3. Getting college – the school requesting for that long-lasting reports of a moving student
  4. Coming class – the college releasing the permanent reports of a transferring student

IV. Insurance Policy Statement

The team hereby confirms the typical procedures and methodologies in seeking and delivering of learner’s class records. This process sticks to the DepEd’s experience, goal and key values and signs up for the concepts of:

a. Free, good quality basic studies;

b. visibility and responsibility;

c. convenience and timely launch of learners’ school documents; and

d. Security and confidentiality of learners’ files.

Standards on Learner’s Faculty Registers

This approach details the conventional protocols when you look at the exchange of students’ faculty data. This insurance details the steps in requesting the long-lasting faculty reports (version 137) for a competent move of records without inconveniencing the parents and/or learners.

So that the successful release and shift of students’ college files, the below will probably be discovered:

a. The shift of record of learners is made easy and quick without encumbering the learners and mom. But this will not just jeopardize the privacy and safeguards of class information.

b. obtaining educational institutions shall protected all long lasting reports (version 137) of incoming students ahead of the stop of basic grading stage. For transferred-in students via faculty seasons, move of documents shall be protected 30 days (30) from the first day of school attendance.

c. Learners and/or their particular folks or parent are not permitted to hand-carry the lasting record (type 137) towards receiving class.

d. In case there is unavailability of Form 137 because situations beyond all of our controls, the state on offers (University Form 5) can be employed as replacement, you’ll find during the institutions unit workplace (SDO).

elizabeth. The student Know-how program (LIS) shall be utilized as program in need and discharge of learner university files; for this reason the transaction shall purely get relating to the acquiring and coming classes just.

The next surgery is observed to assist in the request and launch process:

A. School-to-School Transfer of Type 137

The bulk of purchases on shift of learner’s school history typically occur during enrolment period and bash best of training courses. To improve the sleek and quick transfer of documents, the flowchart below represent the whole process of need and release of students’ type 137between the receiving school and originating class;

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