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Turtle Seashore Stealth 600 Testimonial: Great Noise; Irritating Layout

By on August 22, 2021

Turtle Seashore Stealth 600 Testimonial: Great Noise; Irritating Layout

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 considered less expensive name-brand wireless earphones, but big appear shouldn’t fully excuse its shameful design.

By Marshall Honorof 29 December 2017

Our Verdict

The Turtle seashore Stealth 600 is amongst the less expensive name-brand wireless headphones, but big noise shouldn’t entirely excuse the uncomfortable build.

  • Superb video gaming and audio sounds
  • Plush ear canal cups
  • Effortless cordless connections


  • Embarrassing in shape
  • Lackluster mic style
  • Minimal Personal Computer being completely compatible

Turtle seaside used to be the standard for playing earphones, coming competitors off with an exclusive mixture of comfort, looks and quality of sound. They did not require much time for competitiveness to get best, though, and Turtle seaside has grown to be one really good wireless headset company in a veritable water of other great wireless headset suppliers.


Enter the Turtle seaside Stealth 600 ($100), an invisible wireless headset for PS4 or xbox console One that appears close and shouldn’t run in excess. A name-brand wireless bluetooth headset for $100 may sound like an excellent deal. But an awkward mic, insufficient usefulness and a irritating match make the Stealth 600 a reasonably advertising.

Turtle seashore made plenty of compromises employing the Stealth 600, but those compromises have make it a lowest priced cordless gaming headsets across. Weigh what you can do properly.

Design And Style

The Stealth 600 seems to be like a relic of the just-about-bygone “extreme” video gaming times, with sharp perspectives bisecting the over-ear cups and either bright-green or dark-blue highlights, dependent on whether gain the Playstation Four or playstation type.

Of specific observe could be the increase microphone, which folds all the way right back, parallel into the ear glass. It’s an enjoyable halfway remedy, neither as stylish as a mic that collapses into an ear pot nor because jarring as a mic that only folds up.

The hearing servings get slightly swivel for, that will help them match easily, as well as fold awake for portability. Whilst the material support to the headband happens to be plush and also most provide, the extendable notches believe affordable and finicky, therefore receiving a great fit requires some experience.

The kept ear glass get very crowded, since it’s where you can find both the quantity dial as well as the chat-volume call, which have been practically right next to both. If you were to think this appears like a confusing setup, you’re correct. Eventhough it’s not difficult to recall that amount is found on best in addition to the fetish chat quantity is on the bottom, this excessively very easy to dial an inappropriate one in a heated moment right after which ponder the reason why the adventure has never received any quieter than before.

Beyond that, all the control keys are very easy. The put hearing glass (which holds the billing port; the proper ear canal mug was really barren in comparison) possess an electrical power icon, a coupling switch and an equalization option, which allows you to shift among four ways. Which makes the left ear glass the functional focus with the full appliance is practical from a cost-saving viewpoint, actually rather congested from design and style and artistic views.


Turtle coastline offers you about the Stealth 600 utilizes technological innovation called “ProSpecs” in order to make the ear cups easy on people who don specs. As a bespectacled people, I’m able to make sure the wireless headset is definitely abnormally easy throughout the hearing, handling which will make a great aural seal without previously demanding along way too hard.

Initially, the wireless headset decided it could disappear at any given time.

Every course we heard was rich, subtle and filled with existence. From in depth cycle keyboards elements, to discreet oral harmonies, to drum and pike music that didn’t drown the actual tune, the Stealth 600 would be only — and remarkably — among the best songs has I had with a gaming bluetooth headset.

Main Point Here

The Turtle shore Stealth 600 delivers exceptional noises for games and musical, the most significant things a games wireless headset ought to do. However, it does not fit very well, its style thinks also crowded and its shameful Personal Computer interface make news and cleaning a chore. Whenever possible put up with a wired unit, be sure to visit the SteelSeries Arctis 5, which conforms to the head condition significantly better and sounds a great device too Or, if you require having an invisible bluetooth headset and do not attention keeping looking out for business, another option is the superb Logitech G533, that is accessible to a lot less than its $150 list price.

For $100, you are not able to come another name-brand wireless wireless headset, not to mention one that keeps such exceptional sounds. The convenience and audio quality by yourself may be worth the purchase price; if it isn’t, you might need to give up wireless operation for anything more content and functional.

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