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The weirdest university hookup reports announced. “I got a super spicy hookup sesh in piles in divinity collection…”

By on November 20, 2021

The weirdest university hookup reports announced. “I got a super spicy hookup sesh in piles in divinity collection…”

Provider: Kyler Russell

Caution: you may never be capable check a few of your day-to-day university places the same way. Continue with extreme caution.

Recently, we requested your individual accounts attain an improved concept of the Vanderbilt hookup society. The reaction? A reverberating outcry of crazy, hysterical and “we’ve all been there” reports. Even though it ended up being difficult to sift through all of the experience, here are the essential unforgettable university hookup stories from very first matter on the month.


Notice: the reactions are in no particular purchase.

MRB III Restroom

“MRB III bathroom, during the disability stall. We were learning for a cellular neurobiology examination regarding next floor of MRB III when we chose to capture a break… for the bathroom… in identical stall. Absolutely have mental performance drinks moving.”

New Kissam––before they open

“I got a trip of Kissam the afternoon this launched, because I happened to be here on top of the summer time undertaking research. I became using my date, and then we quickly knew that the doors in Kissam were all unlocked, also the types which were not area of the concert tour. Demonstrably, we got advantageous asset of the empty areas, meaning I was likely among the first individuals to actually have intercourse in new Kissam HAHA overcome that losers.”

Divinity Collection

“I had an excellent hot hookup sesh during the piles in divinity library…”

Class in Calhoun

“I hooked up in a class in Calhoun! Not the average finals study-sesh-turned-makeout-sesh however. We returned to his space after a night out with his pal from home instantly passed away out on a floor. Couldn’t go to my personal area because I know my personal roommate ended up being asleep, therefore the guy recommended examining a package off their VanderBucket record and starting up in a room he’d course in. It had been remarkably more comfortable than I’d anticipated. 10/10, would endorse to a pal.”

Shrubs outside Memorial Hall

“inside shrubs external Memorial facing Gillette…. Even Today, the physics from it all nonetheless puzzle myself.”

Roof of Furman

“I experienced gender on the roof of Furman. Not the low ‘roof’ this is certainly accessible from the stairways behind in the strengthening, nevertheless actual roofing system. We broke through a few gates and climbed a ladder through hatch. It Actually Was wonderful.”

Frist Center for Visual Arts

“Diverging through the question some but i’ve an extremely juicy away university hookup area. Walking homes from downtown one night, son and I also made a pit take a look at the garden outside the Frist middle for Visual Arts. Whilst it was actually an artistic minute during my lives and that I nonetheless feel just like a legend… 0/10, would not advise (unless you like kneeling on material potato chips during the night into the cool).”

an expansive pool… on the top

“I’m an upperclassman, and I installed with a freshman on the roof of his Commons home in an expansive swimming pool he along with his company put-up indeed there.”

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