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The Non transmitting appropriate stimulant must the Blue connector.

By on October 7, 2021

The Non transmitting appropriate stimulant must the Blue connector.


If you prefer a “inspect Transmission illumination” or longer also known as a check motor lamp for one’s relaying.

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The 0411 PCM uses a soil to C2 Pin 46. This might be wired down area of a small lamp to notify you the 0411 PCM provides a rule inside it for an imperfection with relaying features.


0411 PCM course 2 info connections (Data line to OBD2 connector PIN 2)

C1 Pink Connector Pin 58

0411 PCM TPS “Throttle Position Sensor” Input for EFI equipped vehicles. (This is wired to the SIGNAL wire coming out of the TPS sensor.) Fotherwise EFI equipped vehicles tap into the SIGNAL ONLY.

C2 Red Connector Pin 24

0411 PCM CKP “Crankshaft rankings Sensor” insight for EFI prepared autos. (this is often wired to the SIGNAL wires appearing out of the CKP sensor.) For EFI furnished automobiles access the INDICATION LONE.

C1 Azure Connector Pin 12


0411 PCM TPS “Throttle State Sensor”

C2 Red Connector Pin 24 to indicate cable coming from TPS detector

C1 orange Connector Pin 46 to 5VDC electrical power line for TPS detector

C1 Blue Connector Pin 46 to crushed cable for TPS Sensor

0411 PCM CKP “Crankshaft Place Detector”

C1 orange Connector Pin 12 to indicate cable coming out of CKP Sensor

C1 pink Connector Pin 2 to energize line for CKP detector

C1 orange Connector Pin 21 to crushed line for CKP detector

0411 PCM Braking System Turn Enter. This can be wired/relay’d for the beneficial cable from your own brake pedal change to the braking system lighting fixtures. This wants relayed to my workplace effectively. C1 azure Connector Pin 33 wants 12vdc principal on strength until such time you press of the brake extremity, which then it needs no strength or crushed put on that technology pin to allow the pc understand it will have to relieve the torque converter clutch. A bosch single-pole double-throw relay works perfect for this. Ground 85, line pin 86 in your 12vdc from your brake change to their braking system lamp wire. Apply critical on 12vdc capacity to pin 30, then line C1 violet Connector Pin 33 to 87a. Growth! Your torque converter clutch should passing now with the brakes put on.

The indication associated Inputs/Outputs should the 0411 PCM:

0411 PCM relaying Input shot speeds Sensor (it is the detector right behind the bell-housing from the indication. The Input/Output cock travel detectors on the 4L80E indication will not be polarity sensitive and painful, and simply basically wanted bound for the PCM)

The 0411 PCM WILL DEMAND A TUNE/FLASH FOR THIS TO USE PROPERLY. If you operate it just as it is from a junkyard, It will probably A: get into anti-theft method because VATS continues to permitted, B: get into transmitting limp method and C: potentially perhaps not work at all depending what product an individual removed your pc away.

Over at my design, there was a PCM tune document out-of a 01 GMC 1500 with a 4.8L and a 4L60e into the regulation section. I had to receive another melody document using the same OS (operating-system) your 0411 PCM provides which in fact had a 4L80e relaying initially thus I could segment swap the infection and infection diagnostics segments over to my own tune document. WHEN YOU GET A PCM OFF A VEHICLE FURNISHED WITH A 4L60E MANUFACTURER AND ALSO YOUR WALKING they about A 4L80E OR LIKEWISE THIS SECTION TRADE IS NECESSARY YOUR RELAYING TO WORK! “Ask myself the way I know”.

All Engine associated DTC’s must turned off excluding the TPS and CKP DTC’s numbers P0121, P0122, P0123, P0335 & P0336.

Put all sign appropriate DTC’s within the Engine Diagnostics>DTC’s activated that are factory fired up with a PCM thats furnished with a 4L80E BUT P0705 & P0706 Fitness dating only consumer reports, these types of requirements must off if you’re not utilizing the Neutral Safety Switch. Making other relaying DTC’s at allows the 0411 PCM flip of the MIL illumination or stock a MIL rule when there is a issue with all the sign and will also allow the PCM to give infection Limp form.

Under System>General, affect the PRNDL geared up to nothing.

REMOVE every TORQUE THERAPY AND DISABLE MISUSE MODALITIES IN SYSTEM AND RELAYING TABS If this describes perhaps not prepared the relaying won’t reposition effectively.

Under Trans>Auto Switch Properties>General> Perf Choice, determine No Alter. Here is the tow transport switch, that has been hooked with the BCM (Entire Body controls component) and signalled over the lessons 2 facts internet to show from the characteristic within the PCM. I currently have maybe not receive a-work around to manage to make use of this element. Easily perform find a way, i shall update this wiki webpage.

Those are necessary alternatives that need transformed in excess of to ensure that the 0411 PCM to function as a stand alone relaying control and in actual fact move the 4L80E infection precisely. The very last regarding the controls is going to be dependent upon your specific design. These setting happen to be:

My personal TPS feedback at idle reaches 25per cent inside the 0411 PCM. This is not a huge problems because you can do the job around it through the Shift performance dining tables. It’s my opinion I want to in addition touch the TPS detector surface from the 0411 PCM to simple MegaSquirt 2’s TPS crushed, that I feel will remedy it. I most certainly will modify this wiki the moment this is recognized and dealt with.

ALTER 9/26/16 – I ran across the TPS Issue. Their in fact working as the likely to. I’m not operating a IAC device and modified our throttle human anatomy for a adjustable lazy tighten. Anyway the thottle blades were essentially showed between 20-23per cent for your engine to idle, very well it has been considering carbon dioxide buildup regarding throttle human anatomy. We flushed from the carbon dioxide so this amount dropped to around 13-15per cent for similar RPM idle. So their working correctly.

Further down is my personal R&D and proof of strategy movie playlist on Myspace:

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