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The “Millie Bobby Brown is homophobic” meme was ridiculous, but that does not imply it is harmless

By on November 25, 2021

The “Millie Bobby Brown is homophobic” meme was ridiculous, but that does not imply it is harmless

The “homophobic Millie Bobby Brown” meme generated the celebrity give up Twitter.

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Nobody seriously thinks Millie Bobby Brown works over homosexual males with brand new autos. The same as not one person really believes Millie Bobby Brown tosses piping hot McCafes at people who put pride tees at McDonald’s. The same as not one person in all honesty thinks that Millie Bobby Brown bullies homosexual guys by moving to their messages and falling f-bombs (the one that rhymes with maggots).


But what men don’t think doesn’t really matter, as Millie Bobby Brown, the 14-year-old star of Netflix’s Stranger Situations, deactivated her Twitter account recently, reportedly in response to assertions such as these.

These promises are included in the TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown meme, which is made of low-effort photos — normally screengrabs from Brown’s Snapchat — pasted over with absurdly homophobic statements.

On top, the meme is actually shocking as well as in poor taste. Incorrectly portraying this young female and youngster superstar as a raging homicidal bigot was heinous, and Brown deleting the girl Twitter in order to avoid this maelstrom is actually a logical a reaction to the internet’s festering orgy of lavatory laughs.

Should you dig further, this is exactly also an account towards internet’s profoundly connected partnership with paradox. It’s about a meme that merely succeeds caused by just how ridiculous it’s, exactly how pristine Brown’s celebrity picture is actually, and just how outrage can push the world wide web become the worst form of itself.

The storyline of Millie Bobby Brown becoming a monster bigot started as trolling

This meme about Brown was an exercise in sincerity versus absurdity. Brown seems like a these types of a nice, sincere young female, which is why contrasting the girl picture with such heinous comments evokes a reaction. In fact, the meme really were only available in November 2017 with portraying Brown as anti-Islam.

A troll membership, Kelsfiona — who changed their particular membership to Kelsbich, and that is now dangling — tweeted a preposterous, fabricated tale about meeting Brown during the airport, which stops with Brown stomping on a hijab. Just what pushes the joke further will be the trollish feedback of requesting proof of this rubbish story right after which Kelsfiona answering with an obviously artificial picture:

Millie Bobbie Brown troll meme Twitter

That meme stimulated this very similar, in addition ridiculous artificial story about Brown are homophobic:

it is the right time to communicate my personal facts. one-day i watched millie bobby brown when you look at the mall and I also requested a selfie and she said “i do not need selfies with fags, homo sex was sin” and broke my personal new iphone X. I really couldn’t quit sobbing I am so ashamed. TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown

— bash (HlGHPRlNCESS) November 18, 2017

That spawned the “Millie Bobby Brown is homophobic” meme, because of the accompanying troll hashtag TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown, that’s circulated before couple of days, which includes a few modifications that appear like those preliminary reactions. In this way one, an absolutely farcical tale of Brown throwing a hot McDonald’s McCafe beverage at people using a gay satisfaction T-shirt:

There are crasser, most to-the-point variations, which primarily contain a demonstrably poor photoshop of Brown saying that she really wants to stepped on homosexual men along with her vehicles and a recent variety that ascribes false tales of hateful racism to Brown. While not right away regarding the tweet that knocked this all off, the clearly worst photoshops that often go with these tweets play in the sorely phony perspective with the original meme.

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