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That’s known as deferred strong linking (since you defer the getting until after the software try installed)

By on November 25, 2021

That’s known as deferred strong linking (since you defer the getting until after the software try installed)

You may keep in mind that I began the AppsFlyer story with how opening this content within the strong website link worked if you wish to download the app initially.

This is basically the just little bit which we didn’t manage our selves nonetheless used AppsFlyer to assist us because of this. In theory, you could do it yourselves – we just don’t want or must.

What’s the concept behind they? The user starts an AppsFlyer http hyperlink, the consumer is actually fingerprinted with anything you can grab from Safari (i.e. Internet protocol address, new iphone 4 product, time clock delay etc.), and redirected with the App shop. The consumer installs the application and releases it. After that, the AppsFlyer SDK reports the exact same data (internet protocol address, telephone unit etc.) to their machine. The machine then correlates what they had gotten through the SDK with folks just who recently implemented backlinks related to this software and attracts in conclusion regarding which connect should be unwrapped.


Discover the way it all functions along. The minifier redirects to the link. When the app just isn’t unwrapped through this aim, this means the app is not setup, so its sensible to reroute to AppsFlyer. AppsFlyer redirects on Software Store with monitoring and do just what it must create as outlined above.

Although we happened to be busy performing all of this stuff, some one from QA involved all of us and stated, aˆ?Guys, i’m sending a hyperlink to my self via Telegram, Skype and HipChat and absolutely nothing is actually working whenever I touch on themaˆ? and we also answer, aˆ?hold on, it is taking care of our very own gadgets.aˆ?

The storyline with SafariViewController is completely tragic. Discover the deal. Apple’s concept ended up being if a person starts Safari, enters a universal connect and presses submit, it will not open a credit card applicatoin. That makes good sense; if you are a person, you do not expect, as soon as you hit input the internet browser, that you will quickly be tossed into a special software.

When the consumer clicked in a link in the same site for which they are at this time operating, it does not open the program

When the software opens up SafariViewController , the exact same thing happens, like the user had inserted the web link to the window together with pushed input. It’s impossible to start a universal connect as soon as the app makes use of SafariViewController.

If the individual joined the link into Safari themselves or exposed SafariViewController – absolutely nothing work. You happen to be forced to show an internet web page or reroute to software shop. We considered this for some time then came up with a remedy.

Here is our very own concept: since we’re forced to start a web site page, we’ll open up the net page. Common links would efforts when exposed from SafariViewController , so we’ll only bring a button that url to the identical web page. In theory, that will activate the common back link.

It is all very easy: we create two domain names and sign up all of them both as an universal hyperlink. This is exactly what it looks like.

It’s the 2nd bit which doesn’t seem sensible

The consumer opens m.badoo , nevertheless website link throughout the button will lead you to mlink.badoo . You can even duplicate this connect and deliver they; it really works both steps. Both these domains work with you as equivalents. Correspondingly, if a user starts mlink.badoo , the link regarding option is to m.badoo .

Today, the minifier redirects fully back link. The full link on m.badoo programs a preview which directs to mlink.badoo via the button. The choice connect on mlink.badoo redirects to AppsFlyer, and from that point the consumer are rerouted on the software shop with monitoring.

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