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Telegram Bot System. Telegram concerns liberty and receptivity – our rule are available for anyone, as well as all of our API.

By on August 20, 2021

Telegram Bot System. Telegram concerns liberty and receptivity – our rule are available for anyone, as well as all of our API.

UPD: Check out the newer Inline bots besides!

Today we’re creating another action towards receptivity by releasing a robot API and platform for third-party programmers generate crawlers.

Bots are just Telegram profile controlled by tool – perhaps not someone – and they’re going to usually have AI features. They may do anything – advocate, carry out, google search, broadcast, remind, link, integrate along with solutions, and even go orders to the web of facts.


Today’s 3.0 change to your Telegram apps can make reaching robots super-easy. In many instances we won’t have even to write such a thing, because bots will provide you with some customized keys.

Crawlers may now provide you with custom-made keyboards for particular responsibilities that may seem like this for example:

Our personal beta testers required not all times to create these robots – setting-up a brand new robot is a breeze. Only generate a key element with @BotFather and make use of a https API to manipulate the bot. If you’re an engineer, examine our personal overview of spiders for facts.

Crawlers in Telegram will appear distinct from real human users: his or her cam and profile monitors get a somewhat different UI and so they do not have having access to all messages automagically if added to groups.

Once you’ve created your own robot, look at it disperse. In Telegram, any forwarded message have a web link to its initial transmitter. What this means is any communication from your own robot submitted to you or people try a messaging same in principle as a retweet – spiders are actually viral.

Furthermore, all spiders bring an improve party and a communicate switch as part of the member profile. You could potentially set-up a description and website link which will be utilized when anyone show your robot on Telegram and other systems

An average url to a bot looks like this:

Opening up such the link start a chat with that bot when you yourself have Telegram set up. These links are simple to identify because all bot usernames must result in bot.

When robot beautiful wants to complete the company’s robot some additional information (like an auth important like, view heavy back linking), the link may also seem like this:

Starting here, you’ll see hyperlinks like this in Telegram and someplace else. Incorporate them, they’re bots! They might the particular solutions you asked us for – surveys, intelligence, programs, integrations, e-butlers or pet imagery. Any dream may come genuine with robots.

The Telegram Team,June 24, 2015

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