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Sage Intacct New User Tips & Tricks

By on January 21, 2020

intacct dashboards

As you build visualizations, Bold BI generates SQL queries to gather data. Using optimized data processing out of the box, CData Connect Cloud pushes all supported SQL operations directly to Sage Intacct, leveraging server-side processing to quickly return the requested Sage Intacct data.

Customised formatting- Easily set fonts, colours, and spacing for reports. Usability Secure access – Restrict dashboard access to approved users. Sage Intacct Report and Dashboard visualisations – Quickly highlight trends and exceptions in detailed reports using conditional highlighting, trend indicators, colour scaling, and spark lines. Sage 200cloud uses the power and productivity of the desktop but has the freedom and control of smart, secure software. With a strong UK customer base Sage 200 has been a vital part of the past success of Sage.


With over 150 built-in financial reports along with the ability to easily custom build your own you can forget Excel or relying on the technical team to Online Accounting deliver for you. Learn how thousands of businesses like yours are using Sage solutions to enhance productivity, save time, and drive revenue growth.

Limelight Reporting

Cloud ERP enablement with Sage Intacct’s software– Are you still using outdated tools like QuickBooks to run your department? To retain top talent, you need to provide your finance team with cutting-edge software that increases their productivity.

Follow the easy 5 step process to customize your columns, select the order in which they will appear, filter, and set the sort order. Check out CLA’s Sage Intacct Spark #11 for some clever custom List views that might work for you. Let’s say your AP Clerk needs a custom view of AP Bills which displays all bills pending approval.

Sage Intacct role-based dashboards can be built for anyone in the organization, from executives to program managers and fundraisers. Organizations have been turning to an incredible tool — the dashboard. Gain valuable insights, reduce costs and grow your business faster with our guides. Slash your close time in half and accelerate finance team productivity by 40% or more. This intuitive HR & Payroll cloud software that will help you transform the way you connect with your workforce.

Sage Intacct Report Designer

The ‘As of date’ is an optional field you can add to the top of your dashboard for increased flexibility in searching. This field allows you to intacct dashboards reference previous periods on dashboard components. In our example we will add a dimension filter for the Location dimension to our dashboard.

If you were using QuickBooks, you would have to dump this stuff into Excel, add it up, and create a column. Let’s say we found an error, went into the system and made a change. If I clicked on that brand, I would see the different stores and their data. I could keep drilling down into each one and the data within.

With full mobile access via the internet you’re always going to be informed and ready. Enjoy 8 dimensions as standard in the General Ledger where you can capture the business content of your business transactions, operational measures and budgets.

Unparalleled customization and integration capabilities– Drive tremendous value by tailoring Sage Intacct to your business needs and then integrating it with other best-of-breed applications. We have successfully completed 200+ customization and integrations. With Intacct, you can set a specific Start Page to load each time you login.

Intacct Tableau Connector The fastest and easiest way to connect Tableau to Intacct data. Includes comprehensive high-performance data access, real-time integration, extensive metadata discovery, and robust SQL-92 support. With 12+ years of global high tech customer marketing experience. Andrew has lead global customer reference team responsibilities for generating awareness, building sales pipeline, creating customer success evidence, and growing revenue.

Each dashboard consists of components like calendars, graphs, lists (customers, invoices, locations, etc.), news feeds, performance cards, reports, and shortcut links. You can create as many dashboards as you’d like and control who has access to them. Sage Intacct dashboards and reporting module has a range of comprehensive features to help you build intuitive dashboards to report on your financial performance and key performance indicators (KPI’s). Role-based dashboards provide at-a-glance views of what matters most to each nonprofit manager, executive, board member, and other stakeholders.

Many customers are reporting amazing scalability in a very short time by using Sage Intacct. Starting with a customer base of 2000, Weave, based in Lehi, Utah, scaled its customer base to 6800 in the first two years of using Sage Intacct, and continues to add another 400 to 500 new customers each month. The cloud version of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system is offered as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, one of the Dynamics 365 product portfolio offerings.

intacct dashboards

Easily create your own real-time reports using Sage Intacct’s interactive customer report writer. Role-based dashboards deliver insight into financial or operational health and trends occurring within the organization. For example, the Board Member dashboard view below provides key KPIs at-a-glance. It includes visuals indicating that fundraising and administrative expenses are down while program efficiency is improving.

Intacct Charts and graphs – A picture says a thousand words, Sage Intacct reporting and dashboards software enables you to create charts and graphs—then publish them on dashboards or view them alone. Access Dashboards whilst Mobile – Intacct dashboards can be viewed whilst you are working remotely or travelling. The accounting software enables you to view dashboards on the go via smartphones and tablets so you have real time financial information available at all times. Dimension driven reporting – Sage Intacct has a visual user interface that enables you to create reports, the interface enables you to quickly filter, groups and summarise you financial accounting data.

Lastly, on this slide, you see in the bottom right the operating expense of QTD . There are two listings for the BBQ locations, one in San Diego and one in San Jose. If you look at the top, you see a comparison of what their sales are to that number. We could take it a step further and divide by some other sort of measure to get this data to be a little more meaningful. So, you could drill down into this, look at it and compare it in different ways, and see it based on a category or other dimension. On the second report down on the lower left is the sales analysis for Tom’s Tavern by all locations. We can see the total of all sources, and that the LA division is doing 2.2M versus the SF location of 1.6M.

Comparison with Visual Indicators – Budget vs. Actual or Grant Position are great examples. Visual Indicators are an excellent way to grab your dashboard users attention to provide them vital information. Computation per Unit – Average Revenue per Customer, Average Tuition per Student, Average Revenue per Clinician, etc.

Intacct: Graphs For Dashboards

Armanino is a leader in cloud enablement with over 350 successful customer deployments. Many organizations start out using QuickBooks to get their businesses up and running. However, as you start growing, there are countless manual processes and spreadsheets that are a struggle to keep current and accurate. Sage Intacct is ideal for companies that have outgrown QuickBooks, and need a more comprehensive financial management and accounting system that offers increased functionality and improved financial controls. Sage Intacct and Armanino have unparalleled expertise in the SaaS/software, nonprofit, construction and real estate, and professional services sectors.

  • You don’t have an admin process these with a Controller, they just go through the dashboard.
  • MicroAccounting is a VAR specializing in ERP and business management solutions for small- and mid-sized organizations.
  • And it’s easy to add more dimensions to reflect unique business drivers and take your financial reports to the next level.
  • Within the general ledger system, you have transactions, and those usually roll up to reports.
  • No every instance dictates having all dashboards visible to everyone.
  • Expense management and approval workflow tags items eligible for reimbursement.

No every instance dictates having all dashboards visible to everyone. Perhaps you are one of two AP Clerks and you wish to only allow you and the other clerk to view this dashboard. This can be accomplished by denying access to Group/Everyone but allowing access to the other clerk, bporter, as shown in our case below. It is generally recommended that dashboards be kept with the default permissions during the creation process. Once the dashboard components are applied to the dashboard and the owner is satisfied with how the dashboard looks, that is when it’s recommended to ‘go live’ with the dashboard, if desired.

Our accounting experts will help you discover how Sage Intacct can be setup to improve your accounting processes within your business. We will provide you with a free initial personalised demo as well as fully justified costs and pricing for your requirements. Need a custom report design from Sage Intacct, Sage 50 or Sage 200 then we can help. We have produced a wide range of reports for clients for these products, as well as reports from external products such as Microsoft Power BI, Crystal Reports, Access and Excel.

intacct dashboards

With quick access to nonprofit KPIs, presented in a user-friendly visual format through a nonprofit metrics dashboard, key stakeholders can monitor financial and operational performance. With this improved visibility, leaders will have the tools to strengthen financial stewardship and make more proactive management decisions. With our nonprofit dashboards, your finance team has access to wide visibility through open integration with other best-in-class applications. For example, you can track statistical metrics that are central to your organization’s operations and programs such as donor relationship management, payroll, staffing, fundraising, or payments data. With Sage Intacct dashboards and reporting, you can compare performance across any business driver that matters to you.

Our team of Sage Intacct experts understand the unique challenges for your business. With backgrounds in accounting and former CFOs and Controllers, we speak your language to help you discover the best solution for your business. Armanino’s Managed Services packages help you minimize business and systems complexity. It gives you access to technical QuickBooks expertise and enables you to accurately forecast costs with monthly flat-rate options. After placing both those dashboards into a dashboard group when we look at the dashboard menu the two dashboards will be grouped together as shown below. Please note, a browser refresh should be done after a change to this setting in order to reload the menus.

Let Trusted Cfo Solutions Help Create Your Success

What are those high-level revenues and the operating expenses by each location? You can break it up by which ones are up and which ones are down. If it’s just one store that losing money, you can isolate it and quickly find the problem. That’s the type of information that typically does not exist in a general ledger. Setting up the categories of sales with the capability to correctly bring those in is one of those reasons why we use a system like GetLinked. You usually would not think about meal type as items of sales, but that’s how we customize things for a client based on what’s driving it.

The Permissions tab is used to specify who you wish to give access to your new dashboard. By default all new dashboards will be set to be hidden from everyone except the dashboard owner and Administrators.

These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our website and allow us to remember you. We use this information in order to improve and customize your browsing experience and for analytics and metrics about our visitors both on this website and other media. To find out more about the cookies we use, see our Privacy Policy. Drag a field from the Dimensions or Measures area to Rows or Columns. In the workbook, Sage Intacct fields are listed as Dimensions and Measures, depending on the data type. The CData Tableau Connector discovers data types automatically, allowing you to leverage the powerful data processing and visualization features of Tableau. With the Data Source published to Tableau Server, you are ready to visualize Sage Intacct data.

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