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S’porean dude 5-times woman he or she satisfied on Tinder with 3 more ladies & 1 guy

By on October 24, 2021

S’porean dude 5-times woman he or she satisfied on Tinder with 3 more ladies & 1 guy

Discover prefer reviews, there are certainly tragedies, and you have the epic saga of Chloe Teo and Ashry Owyong minute.

Teo, a social influencer, submitted a (very) extended membership of this model experience with Min regarding weblog site Dayre on Dec. 27.

Read yourself during that back link if you have half an hour to save.


The document commences with “i acquired 5-timed”, which hints on drama that is to follow.

Met on Tinder

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Teo to begin with came across Min on Tinder about last year. Teo, at that time, outdated and left another dude. Following separation, minute called Teo once again in addition they started matchmaking.

Min said become offering when you look at the Singapore military. He also alleged to enjoy recently been involved in amazing Operations power missions every once in awhile.

Factors are running smoothly if minute eventually asked Teo to eliminate these blogs she had written on Dayre concerning their partnership, stating this individual wanted things to generally be individual. Teo considered.

They grabbed a visit to Boracay in the Philippine islands together. Each and every thing appeared excellent.

“. the environment got very heart-warming. I had been inside romantic area by using the person of our dreams.”

During your the travel, Min accepted videos of Teo for an Instagram journey, that he shared with their.

Trusting that Min is willing to go ahead and take next step and also make their unique commitment general public, Teo shared the videos on her own Instagram, together with other pictures of minute.

That is when issues going.

The other woman

After the woman Insta stories happened to be submitted, Teo gotten a message from individuals claiming is Min’s girl.

If challenged, minute advertised that it woman was actually a “sis” and asked Teo to deactivate her Instagram membership.

Teo thought him or her and achieved thus instantly. However, there is a grain of doubt in the back of this lady head.

“the guy arranged your fingers through the airplanes after discover I had your membership deactivated and informed me every thing could be good.

The flight ended up being a long time, I found myself thus worn out. simple skin is so burned, vision extremely very hot from whining inside my 2 time tour bus drive toward the airport, but my thoughts was managing.

Thought time after time. Only the reason why, exactly why do I have to keep hidden from their sibling. I’ve reached encounter their some time quickly.”

Real truth arrived

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Teo reactivated the woman accounts and chatted to Min’s “sister”, inquiring as long as they could clear air. As an alternative, she was adamant that this tramp actually was Min’s girl.

Teo requested evidence that they had been without a doubt a small number of, and was given an image of minute are romantic with another woman.

It ended up that this tramp was actually on a trip to Japan while Teo and Min happened to be in Boracay.

When challenged, Min alleged that this tramp was an ex, and this she was actually a “psycho” who was however enthusiastic about him or her however they’d separated.

But on the other hand, Teo am getting quite a few information off their women who stated these people way too experienced out dated Min, in which he scammed in it.

It is a shoutout to my own ex

In general, Teo ended up being with minute for four several months, that your heard of article describes at length.

But discover an easy review of all skeevy matter Teo alleged that Min has been doing.

1. Mooched off this model monetarily

“Throughout this 4 times I shared with your, I’ve subconsciously served him guide several cab adventures backward and forward “his place” (in some cases it’ll end up being the girls house lol) and although each trip had been a mere $5/6, putting together all of them entirely helped me understand what amount of cash I’ve put in.”

2. Dated various other people when he was a relationship Teo

“informed me he had been with friends playing darts, Nope. He was together with his different gf on a night out together nights. what is the hell, after he or she left the house just that morning soothing myself for these truth of the matter I then found out about.

Informed me he robi daddyhunt pracД™ previously to attend class but Nope. He attended Suntec for a night out together nights together with different sweetheart.

Or how he had been stayed in school and may merely are offered at 9pm whenever Nope. He was truly hectic spending time with one of is own other 3 teenagers outside the house.”

3. outdated another boyfriend as he ended up being matchmaking Teo

“Even your and that I needn’t taken images that way. Of course you can actually say yourself what you consider of their partnership? I presented Ashry and then he said that they happened to be just buddies. truly. “

4. alleged which he lied about their previous connection in a sex cam love-making scandal

“Lied about his or her past w terms of school. Secondary university, expelled for web cam gender scandal. “

Photo from Tumblr. Rest of photos are actually NSFW.

5. struck awake a lady on Tinder, that been Teo’s friend, while he would be next to Teo

“We THOUGHT HIM EH. Thus. I asked him or her to sign on his own into tinder and then he only insisted he or she overlooked the password blablabla, demonstrably lying right through his or her unethical smile ugh. And this isn’t it, he nonetheless dare to check out myself after and mentioned “Now think when I stated my favorite accounts had been hacked?”


As mentioned in Teo, Min’s “girlfriend” continues to with him, while Teo by herself possesses shattered free of cost. Minute was obviously wanting to sign up full time employing the SAF’s specialized causes.

She remembers once minute first expected to travel together with her.

“can there be a chance I could day you?

I hoped We claimed no. Damn it.”

But wait, definitely extra:

A youthful form of this article claimed that Teo stayed with Min for seasons after she found his own more supposed affairs try incorrect. It has been revised.

Best picture from Dayre.

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