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Rape, blackmail, ‘catfishing’ and explicit images: Teesside’s terrifying online world that is dating

By on June 15, 2021

Rape, blackmail, ‘catfishing’ and explicit images: Teesside’s terrifying online world that is dating

The devastating, life changing crimes committed by individuals making use of apps like Tindr and Grindr are revealed

Ladies raped by strangers on Tinder, girls threatened over SnapChat and blackmailers threatening to “out” gay guys with their families.

This is actually the murky realm of online online dating sites.


Gents and ladies across Teesside are increasingly using apps like Tinder and Grindr to satisfy people that are new.

But there is a darker part – as laid bare by Cleveland Police.

The force has released information on the 26 crimes from the apps it offers investigated on Teesside over a three period, under Freedom of Information laws year.

And worryingly, only 1 of the instances ended in an individual being charged – a intercourse offender whom breached a court purchase and contacted a 17-year-old woman over Tinder.

Five rapes have already been reported, and also the tales all follow a comparable course – females commence to build relationships males, communications are exchanged, and a gathering is established, before hideous crimes are committed.

One teenager had intercourse with a person he came across on gay relationship software Grindr, and then find out later the guy had been HIV good.

And a boozy mum had been cautioned after making her young ones in the home to pay the with a man she’d met on Tinder night.

Tinder delivered us a web link to its safety processes and policies – but Grindr would not react.

Check out regarding the crimes that are devastating

  • In 2015, a man that is 19-year-old back again to your house of a guy he came across on Grindr plus they had consensual intercourse – but he had been later on informed the person ended up being HIV good. No suspect ended up being ever identified by police.
  • A 21-year-old college pupil met up with a guy once they chatted on Grindr in 2016 – nevertheless the suspect ended up being later on believed to have blackmailed him, threatening to “out him” and inform their moms and dads and neighbors he had been homosexual. The alleged victim paid significantly more than ВЈ200 in an attempt to stop him. The suspect ended up being delivered a court summons.
  • A 20-year-old met another guy on Grindr in 2017, as well as had intercourse on a quantity of occasions more than a four month duration. The alleged victim said he asked one other guy to cease, but he would not. The 20-year-old said he was plied with alcohol and then beaten on the final occasion. A suspect had been known as, but authorities stated there have been difficulties that are”evidential and no one had been charged.
  • A boozy mum was handed an adult caution after making her kids – aged eight and 14 – to leap in a taxi to a guy’s household after consuming a wine. She came across the person on Tinder and left at around midnight, before going back house at midday the day that is following.
  • A lady started conversing with a guy on Tinder, whom asked on her behalf target to ” something” send her. She then received a contact from the courier seeking ВЈ700 to just accept a parcel, with all the guy telling the 42-year-old girl: “don’t allow any such thing occur to my package or i shall destroy you.” The target had been not able to determine the suspect to police.
  • A guy, 37, thinks he was ‘Catfished’ by three teens on Grindr. As made infamous in the MTV show, ‘catfishing’ occurs when someone pretends to online be another person. The three youngsters later on resulted in at their home and banged on his windows and shouted insults at him. No suspect ended up being ever identified.
  • In 2018, a female had been sent a picture that is obscene of female’s personal components on Instagram, after fulfilling a guy on Tinder. She was or declined not able to help action to determine the offender, so no costs had been ever brought.
  • A lady, 21, had been delivered a screenshot of a Tinder profile which revealed her topless – but she never install it. Police finished a study, but no suspect had been ever identified.
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  • A man allegedly turned up uninvited at a woman’s house and raped her after chatting on Tinder. The 23-year-old ended up being struggling to help action to recognize the person, with no costs had been ever brought.
  • A lady, 33, reported to police after alleging an ex-partner had vowed to “make her life hell” and put up A tinder that is fake profile which alleged she ended up being an ex porn celebrity. She additionally told authorities that after guys contacted the profile that is fake her ex had been delivering them indecent photos and videos of her. Police investigated and a suspect ended up being identified in 2018, however the target withdrew her help.
  • An other woman, 34, came across a guy she’d been talking to on Tinder and alleged that she ended up being raped following the set was indeed for a glass or two. A suspect had been called, but problems in proof implied there was clearly no prosecution.
  • A guy who had been delivered photos that are sexual fulfilling a lady on Tinder threatened to create them on social media marketing, if he had beenn’t compensated cash. The 34-year-old woman complained to police but no suspect had been ever identified.
  • A lady ended up being kept terrified she possessed a stalker after sharing images with a guy she did not know on Tinder and SnapChat. Later on, the 36-year-old is told through the guy which he understands “she’s got gone to the nearby shop to have milk” and threatened to hunt her down. No prosecution had been ever brought.
  • A guy delivered ВЈ200 to a female he came across on Tinder in front of a well planned particular date. She blocked him and never ever paid it straight right straight back, plus the pair never came across. The man that is 32-year-old his help with no suspect had been ever identified.
  • A 24-year-old girl stated she ended up being raped by a guy on Tinder in 2019. No body had been ever charged.
  • A lady, 12, had been delivered threatening communications on SnapChat – while a fake Tinder account ended up being arranged in her own name, however with a various age. No body had been ever charged.
  • A kid, 14, ended up being built to execute a intercourse work on a person he came across in the Grindr software in Feburary 2019. The research is ongoing.
  • A 46-year-old girl ended up being checked out at the office by a guy whom thought was indeed chatting to her on Tinder – nonetheless it had been a fake account. It turned out put up by an individual who ended up being never ever identified, making use of the photos through the target’s Facebook account.

Are you currently a target of an internet dating crime? You are able to talk to Teesside Live by calling [email protected] or delivering an email to your Facebook or Twitter pages. You shall be held anonymous, if you love.

So what does Tinder state?

The dating app business stated its people are not able to deliver each other images.

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