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Pleasure and pleasure at the heart of Kreis 3 for the city of Zurich

By on August 16, 2021

Pleasure and pleasure at the heart of Kreis 3 for the city of Zurich

Right here you will find more information about the services, premium specifications, premise and all of our masseuses and masseurs. Steep your self in a new high in sensuality, inflammation, leisure and clean joy of lifestyle.

Digital Journey

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Massages need longer heritage inside reputation for humanity and are also useful a number of purposes: solution, comfort, relaxation and eroticism. In our beauty shop you spoil you utilizing every technique when you look at the ebook, so we promise one that many massage therapy is actually modified individually to the customers needs.


Daily you treat and enchant our customers in your rub down beauty salon in Zurich that’s handled fondly sufficient reason for elegance and will be offering tender calming massages most notably satisfied end. Leave our very own pretty masseuses and masseurs take you on a voyage wherein pure sensuality is both your way and so the intent.

Erotic rub during the day spa Andana

Sensuous, sexual and sensitive. Andana massages are generally holding and provocative. Due to the combined expert complete human anatomy massage treatment and erotic possession inside the far-eastern Taoist elegance, the beautiful Asia-inspired building and final, certainly not minimum the qualified, appealing therapists.

Employed by a lot more than 2 decades inside the rub down business

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Michelle just who supported her school training for the nineties as a tantra-masseuse and sensual masseuse, unsealed Andana massage treatments in Zurich in 2004 coupled with two experienced massage treatment practitioners. The creator and her organization will always be serious health freaks and rub fans. They have got visited numerous spas and luxurious lodges around the world staying stimulated and also to take the good for the needs of her customers from each.

Rubs for looks and spirit

Muscles and soul happen to be inseparably linked, and only once we delight in a massage, if your torso can loosen completely, your very own soul is rapidly appeased. In hectic moments between worry at work and every day life, an experienced whole body therapeutic massage is the perfect method for select calm and sensuality.

All of our therapeutic massage beauty shop

Our salon mixes modern-day tools, comfort and a harmonic Asia-inspired interior. Right here, you may instantly soak up the environment you will need to relax. Dive by yourself in sympathetic lamp activities and take pleasure in our large, deluxe massage treatment rooms with a size of 30 rectangular yards and integrated bath rooms. All things are looked after to make sure you just have to surrender for the delicate hands of one’s masseuse or masseur.

Our therapeutic massage supply

The companies comprise a wide range of relaxing massage therapy with a contented terminate. You’ll participate in relaxing wellness rubs or choose from the exquisite sexual present. You’ve got the alternatives between health massages with give opportunities, body-to-body massages or nice bondages and also other kinds delivering big eroticism. We all in addition offer ass ripping and prostate massage treatments to male visitors. For the feminine consumers we provide Tantric yoni massage therapy. Whatever desires your give us, we are going to select the suitable massage option obtainable!

In the region of fitness massage treatments there is the alternatives between numerous amazing international treatments – from an Ayurvedic massage therapy to a Thai massage treatment: We’re going to spoil you with the actual physical finesse of the masseuses and masseurs research particular massaging stuff such as for instance honey and bamboo stays.

Exclusive: sexy feel if you have limitations

In our society this topic can often be still a taboo, regardless if its once in a while discussed: we have been preaching about touch people with a disability along with their need for nearness, inflammation, leave and sexual experience. Just about everywhere, in which individuals with a disability do not own the possibility becoming handled, skillfully trained and experienced toucher could actually help. These workers grasp the requirements and be aware of the boundaries and likelihood of their customers, so that they can getting accommodated in a harmonic way. We all have the legal right to self-expression, proximity and intimacy. Most of us see this right in our very own properties. Our personal masseuses and masseurs resort to those that have mental and/or bodily disabilities not to mention older people. System email is only one feature off numerous. At the very least as important is empathetic interactions and making a trusting ambiance and a loving ambience.

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