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Obtain the most reliable truckload evaluation software in the industry, with predictive statistics that will use the anxiety out-of shipment.

By on October 3, 2021

Obtain the most reliable truckload evaluation software in the industry, with predictive statistics that will use the anxiety out-of shipment.

With more than $110 billion well worth of annual discount information, DAT iQ arms probably the most over the years comprehensive freight price databases, in order to assume temporary developments and create fast price alternatives.


DAT RateView

A requirement in truckload value
  • Increase your own personal gasoline to apply straight to the outlook with Ratecast Enhanced
  • See openness in every cargo sector and every isle
  • Likely the most current records on position sector and get charge
  • Multilane reviews for RFP bids

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DAT RateView

  • Assess area and get charges for past 3 weeks
  • Truthful markets forecasts with Ratecast
  • Multi-lane research for RFPs
  • Point of view a 13 calendar month foresee summarized for spot and deal

Info Analytics Facilities

Specialty knowledge for business-critical options

The DAT iQ databases create extensive old and predictive information on every markets and each and every trucking isle in America. With facts amassed from DAT One shipping platform, as well as the industry-leading cargo rate experience and reports discipline teams, our custom information Analytics facilities can customize any are accountable to let instruct the decision-making, from supply and want observations within the advanced forecasting brands present Ratecast.

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Records Statistics Services
  • Review styles that drive location and agreement rates
  • Perspective needs vs. capacity for every shipment markets
  • Enjoy data reports or entry to graphic displays
  • Identify emerging very hot market and find regular styles

DAT Trendlines

Complimentary weekly document on nationwide fashions
  • Updates on nationwide typical numbers for vans, reefers and flatbeds
  • Recaps of sources and requirements trends from preceding months
  • Frequently reported by wall surface streets log, Business Insider, savings days and much more
Wherea€™s the information Are Derived From?

DAT supplies the worlda€™s prominent on-demand freight exchange, joining shippers and carriers with engine companies.

DAT gives the worlda€™s most extensive on-demand shipping change, joining shippers and companies with motor providers. Wea€™ve furthermore created the most significant freight rates database, collecting critical information from genuine transaction between advisers, shippers, and carriers.

Bad reactions on these directories provide big ideas into position sector and acquire freight developments, contains modifications in potential, desire, and pricing. We provide personalized reports as an element of the DAT Analytics providers, or every week changes on present cargo price developments on DAT Trendlines and our personal cargo Talk site

Why Is DAT Transport Costs A Whole Lot More Reliable?

The Deepest facts: our personal DAT RateView data is made on much more than $110 billion in cargo funds on over 68,000 lanes, with efforts from numerous organizations. No person else possess a pricing index as big as that a€“ and ita€™s not shut down.

Probably the most up to date: Contributing firms give us their particular facts after therea€™s an interest rate decision. That info is sent to usa right through his or her transport managing system, or delivered via FTP. Any accessorials prices are actually upgraded automatically.

Quite possibly the most Precise: our personal website connects charges to 149 unique key sector aspects in The States, and customers can quest that database with variables as certain as being the basic 3 digits associated with zipcode. More shipping charges sources gather help and advice according to a geographic distance, which produces an inaccurate picture of the charge for the reason that market place.

Excellent Practices: Our numbers simply add in EXISTENT operations a€“ no estimates or asking prices, which can skew the information. Most people additionally dona€™t rely on info from factoring enterprises, which regularly is derived from firms that was way more ready to accept reduce charges. Our very own branded tasks furthermore eliminate outliers, so that people best bring a real market place average for a lane, though they could however start to see the variety cost settled with that way.

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