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Nuns Lost Bad: A Lurid Story of a Lesbian Nun Sex Gang

By on November 26, 2021

Nuns Lost Bad: A Lurid Story of a Lesbian Nun Sex Gang

In the summertime of 1859, a desperate nun from inside the Roman convent of Sant’Ambrogio delivered a page to her kinsman, a bishop from inside the Vatican. She pleaded with him to rescue their, declaring that she was basically the mark of many poisonings and was at mortal risk. When the woman cousin the bishop responded the woman telephone call and arrived at Sant’Ambrogio, the guy assured to rescue this lady and very quickly sent on that vow. From his home in Tivoli, the relieved but traumatized Katharina von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen started to write a denunciation of the lady single siblings back Rome. It actually was an accusation much more lurid than just about any popular anti-clerical satire, filled up with sexual transgressions, heretical tactics and homicidal schemes. Additionally, the situation up against the convent of Sant’Ambrogio have tendrils that mounted to the highest achieves for the Church and entwined all over big Catholic controversies during the day.

Hubert Wolf’s “The Nuns of Sant’Ambrogio” offers a learned yet fascinating membership of this event — little known due to the fact Vatican kept the vast majority of humiliating information internal, an insurance plan it might utilize when managing sexual-abuse scandals a hundred years afterwards. Actually, the Sant’Ambrogio instance was alone a sex-abuse scandal, although that factors, however sensational, was not always the Church’s major concern.

Katharina, a Hohenzollern princess, belonged to a single from the fantastic royal Germanic dynasties, which include the Hapsburgs.

(the girl granddaughter got the king of Portugal.) Twice-widowed and sickly, she entered the convent in her later part of the 30s, pursuing a “a place of cloistered peace and holy order” in which to live on a contemplative lifetime, although she also nurtured the imagine creating your order of her own. Sant’Ambrogio ended up being “enclosed,” which means that the nuns had been sequestered from all experience of the surface world besides uncommon interviews conducted through material bars and check outs from priestly confessors or medical practioners. Merely in issues are males, also priests, permitted in the clausura, or convent internal.


This peaceful program appeared simply the ticket for your weary, devout princess, but no earlier have she make towel than she begun to observe troubling elements to convent lifestyle. The challenges concentrated around cousin Maria Luisa, a nun inside her very early 20s who’d for some reason obtained several positions of expert during the purchase, like the subject of newbie domme (overseer regarding the newbies). Maria Luisa, although of lowly beginning, ended up being beautiful, smart and very charismatic. Despite composing the woman accusation, Katharina couldn’t try to avoid praising the novice mistress’ “superior appeal and simplicity in discussion” along with her screen of “the greatest delicacy in her deals with others.”

The princess have been a bit stressed in addition the siblings of Sant’Ambrogio venerated their unique convent’s later part of the president, Maria Agnese Firrao, and much more stressed by the similar cult which had created across very-much-alive Maria Luisa. The inexperienced mistress gotten repeated visions, communications plus characters from these types of heavenly personages because the Virgin Mary and Jesus themselves, dressed in holy bands allegedly bestowed on her behalf by the exact same parties and seemed to has everyone from the abbess with the convent’s confessors covered around the lady small fist. Maria Luisa also seemed to be reading confessions and performing some kind of exorcism on a troubled man generally “the Americano” (he had been indeed Tyrolean). The expert to perform these along with other sacred rites got kepted purely for priests — rather than all priests, sometimes.

What really sent Katharina on top of the sides, but had been a letter through the Americano, printed in German, that Maria Luisa confirmed this lady because amateur domme by herself could not see the vocabulary. According to Katharina (the page had been never ever developed at demo), the guy put “extremely obscene expressions” and, as Wolf places they, “more or considerably expected both nuns to take part in sexual functions with him.”

This had a tendency to confirm Katharina’s raising impression there ended up being something incorrect not just to Maria Luisa’s interactions

with all the Americano, but also to this lady relations with both the lady confessor, Padre Peters (with whom she spent much time by yourself), therefore the various other beginners. Also, she’d also started to believe chicanery inside numerous amazing happenings associated with the newbie domme, such as the fragrance of roses their human body released whenever she practiced this lady visions. Once Katharina started initially to dare Maria Luisa’s states sanctity — claims sustained by all of the various other nuns plus the two confessors assigned to the convent — she begun to become most sick in order to identify strange flavors and colors into the food and drugs she was presented with.

Upon acknowledgment of Katharina’s denunciation, Pope Pius IX purchased an investigation, itself a difficult business since the convent at Sant’Ambrogio have most important Jesuit followers among Vatican higher-ups. The examining assess, however, is a Dominican friar, and determined to reach the bottom of the doings during the convent. Note: I’m simplifying the byzantine circle of conflicting functions and appeal around the Vatican here, although Wolf does a superb task of installing them around. Furthermore the densely impacted bureaucracy regarding the Church’s legal program, including the Inquisition, which could in the end tip in the situation with all the pope’s endorsement.

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