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Man livid after woman he had been dating for ‘one day’ writes off their vehicle fulfilling her ex

By on May 27, 2021

Man livid after woman he had been dating for ‘one day’ writes off their vehicle fulfilling her ex

Austin Grebe, from Madison in Wisconsin, United States, is fundraising for a brand new automobile off following the girl wrote-off their Nissan 350Z

A guy is fundraising for an innovative new low rider after claiming the lady he previously been dating for just one day wrote-off their motor that is beloved while another guy.

Austin Grebe states he previously understood the unnamed woman for “a little while” but only plucked up the courage to inquire of her out of the time into a concrete barrier before she”totalled” his car by smashing it.


The 22-year-old’s brand brand new squeeze had expected to utilize their white Nissan 350Z to consult with her mum’s household as a result of a household crisis last thirty days – but he thinks she tried it to satisfy her ex.

But Austin that is poor was to get a text from her that merely read “I crashed ur car”, before making him to patch together what occurred with the aid of the authorities as she refused to just take their telephone telephone phone calls.

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The carpenter has launched their GoFundMe page when you look at the hope sort strangers can help him purchase an upgraded – he is cutting women out of his life for now while he claims.

Austin, from Madison in Wisconsin, United States, stated: “We have never felt so betrayed and disrespected.

“When i believe about my vehicle, once I look I feel anger and disappointment at it. A tonne was had by it of emotional value.

“she actually is out of my entire life now. The automobile is an overall total loss.”

While Austin had just been dating the lady for per day, he’s got understood her for much longer when she asked to borrow their much-loved sports vehicle for a family group crisis he obliged.

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But later on that he received a text to say his car had been crashed and when he called the woman, he claims she refused to explain herself and hung up on him night.

Austin stated: “She went and picked up her ex-boyfriend. I do not know whatever they had been doing or where these people were going but later on that i got a text saying she’d crashed my car night.

“the written text just said ‘we crashed ur car’. That has been it. Which is all she said.

“we called her and was like ‘are you fine? I do not Phrendly reviews worry about the automobile’. She basically told us to f*** down and hung up on me personally.”

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Following the event, Austin ended up being forced to phone around three neighbouring authorities channels to patch together what occurred to their beloved engine.

He stated: “we discovered right out of the authorities that she had another male during my automobile and I also needed to find out the rest through them.

“the automobile had been a 2004 Nissan 350Z. I have had the motor vehicle only a little over two years now.

“The framework is currently bent, the radiator is smashed, the bonnet and home are caved in and smashed.

“As far as I happened to be worried when we let her borrow the automobile every thing ended up being fine between us. I did not understand she had been cheating.

“I’m a massive vehicle lover but i cannot have significantly more than 2 or 3 at the same time. The fundraising web page will probably get towards purchasing another motor automobile.”

The town of Brookfield Police Department is contacted for remark.

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