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LexaTrade Review

By on February 18, 2021

To start the process of opening an account with LexaTrade you can visit the LexaTrade trading platform here. Most traders need to use stop losses to protect themselves from huge risk unless the trade is hedged against another trade or the trader is not using leverage. Circumstances differ depending on the trade and the markets. LexaTrade MetaTrader 5 has many advanced trading tools for the more advanced users.

In our LexaTrade review, we found many additional trading features to make your trading even better. LexaTrade has a server at LD5 IBX Equinix Data Centre in London. It is a financial ecosystem that houses over 600 buy and sell firms, exchanges, ventures in trading, market data, and service providers. On LexaTrade, you can access your MT4 or MT5 trading accounts from any web browser. It has everything that the desktop apps have, including access to ECN pricing. Opening a live account or a demo account for those who want to learn is a quick and easy process that you can find on the website.

LexaTrade website


We use functional cookies to analyse how visitors use our website, as well as track and improve our website’s performance and function. This allows us to provide a high-quality customer experience by quickly identifying and fixing any issues that may arise. For example, we might use cookies to keep track of which website pages are most popular and which method of linking between website pages is most effective. The latter also helps us to track if you were referred to us by another website and improve our future advertising campaigns. Finally, we’ve listed some of the popular funding methods that LexaTrade offers its traders below. LexaTrade also offer mobile apps for Android and iOS, making it easier to keep an eye on and execute your trades while you are on the move. In this Pepperstone vs LexaTrade comparison, I could not decide which one is better but if you are looking at a more trustable broker Pepperstone is for you.

LexaTrade Ctrader

As a regulated brand, their policies are transparent and trader funds are separated from company funds. You can speculate on 9+ bonds including the UK, Japan, USA and Europe. IC charges no commissions fees when you are trading CFDs derived from bonds. Trade execution tool with in-depth features to analyse the markets.

LexaTrade website

Dealers can use cTrader’s contemporary C# API to write code within the IDE, the IDE allows developers optimize and test their financial robots. LexaTrade safeguards the personal information of its clients through SSL encryption in its PC and mobile platforms.

Author Of This Review

LexaTrade has the tightest spread on this pair globally. LexaTrade has some of the tightest spreads of all Forex CFD providers in the world. The Spreads on their EUR/USD are usually at 0.0 pips during their North American and European trading sessions. MT4 is a world-renown platform that will give traders the best features and ease-of-use benefits.

To begin trading with IC Market, you need to deposit $200. However, LexaTrade will not charge you any withdrawal or deposit fees. You can do this by getting a secure client’s area account. This will let you segregate your funds and take part in various trades. LexaTrade also has great educational value, and the information it provides beginners is specific and helpful. For any arising issues, you can access support services through live chat online, calls, or even email. These are especially required if you are a trader who prefers using Fundamental Analysis.

LexaTrade website

Depending on the currency that you are depositing, a minimum deposit of $200 is necessary for trading with LexaTrade. This may seem like a large sum but comes with the security and tools offered by LexaTrade.


LexaTrade have various platforms for all your trading needs. These include the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader, all of which have their specific advantages.

LexaTrade website

Use of liquidity pool ensures you are paying rates that are a true reflection of market prices and you’re offered with tight spreads 24/5. Other / Ancillary costs – LexaTrade allow you to use other optional tools to enhance your trading experience such as social trading tools (i.e. ZuluTrader or MyFxBook Automate). It is slow, as the average wait time for an answer was more than 10 minutes.

What Can You Trade With LexaTrade?

Our LexaTrade review finds that the company offers a great selection of tradable instruments, including 6 cryptocurrencies and share CFDs, as well as a strong customer support service. Brokers offer state of the art online trading platforms, mobile trading apps, financial research tools and educational resources. For a brokerage to maintain these services and earn revenue as a company. Brokers may charge clients various trading fees that you need to be aware of as they may affect your bottom line. When we compared in August 2021 forex accounts that don’t charge commission our spreads comparison found LexaTrade was competitive but Pepperstone was consistently better. Pepperstone also has superior forex trading platforms, customer service and regulation. Trading Derivatives carries a high level of risk to your capital and you should only trade with money you can afford to lose.

They also have a 10 step educational guide using which you can familiarize yourself with various market conditions lexatrade forex broker across the market. In LexaTrade, for every $1 of your funds, you will receive $500 to trade with.

LexaTrade website

Also, the responses we received were not always relevant. For example, we had to ask several questions until we got information on how their financing rates work. LexaTrade is primarily a forex broker, but it also provides some earnings on forex CFDs.To learn more about CFDs please read our CFD trading tips. LexaTrade offers MetaTrader 4 as a desktop trading platform. These catch-all benchmark fees include spreads, commissions and financing costs for all brokers.

Instant Account Opening & Funding

CTrader charges a commission of USD$3 for each $100,000 traded. This makes it hard to compare with MetaTrader platform which uses a fixed amount for each lot. To calculate the USD commission, you need to convert the base currency. While it is true IC Market RAW spreads have the cost of commission and IG Markets and LexaTrade do not, the ECN style spreads or narrow spreads LexaTrade offers mean lower cost.

  • LexaTrade is a great place where advanced traders and beginners can flex their trading knowledge.
  • Stocks, currency and other commodities and instruments will be purchased by LexaTrade even if no buyer is lined up.
  • Through this program, anyone who introduces customers to LexaTrade is remunerated and rewarded.
  • Following this, there will a trading account configuration.
  • LexaTrade are also law-abiding and do not provide their services in countries where such trade is illegal.
  • LexaTrade has been able to become one of the most trustworthy over the years due to its reliability, quality service, security, and numerous other advantages towards its traders.

If your LexaTrade account is hacked, the broker will provide relevant support and you should contact LexaTrade Customer Services immediately. The first step, however, is to immediately change the relevant passwords for the account. When you get an account, make sure to save your passwords in a secure place so that it cannot be stolen. Following this, contact LexaTrade, who will take prompt attention. In the market, when the trade is processed, there will be no trading desk intervention when the trade is processed. Hence, LexaTrade does offer STP and is an issuer of the product it provides. Several traders across the world choose LexaTrade for their scalping services.

LexaTrade website

The major difference is that you can set alerts and notificationsin the form of mobile push or email notifications on the desktop trading platform. To set email or mobile notifications, you have to add your email address and mobile MetaQuotes ID (you can find it in the MT4 app’s settings). You can add them if you go to ‘Tools’ and then ‘Options’. Similarly to the web trading platform,LexaTrade provides only a one-step login.

Further, for international wire transfers, a processing fee of 20 AUD is deducted from the withdrawal amount. A few intermediary fees may be charged in the processing route. While they provide customer services 24 hours, seven days a week, their live chat sessions can be slow to respond during busy periods. LexaTrade offer the lowest possible spreads to their clients.

A range of European, American, and Japanese bonds and bonds from the UK are made available for you. In case you choose not to trade for several days or even a couple of months, your account will not be charged.

Trading costs such as spreads, commissions and overnight funding rates vary depending on the instrument being traded and account type opened and are covered further down this review. All Marki Microwave MMIC die amplifiers are offered as a small wire-bondable chip to enable high-density integration and achieve optimal performance at high frequencies. We also offer our MMIC die in lexatrade courses scam connectorized modules, expertly assembled at our factory in California, ideal for high performance product and test applications. Other problems of the website being unavailable (“no connection” error for example) are largely more a questions of the trader connectivity rather than the broker. In our experience, it is very rare for the platform to be not working, but can happen.

In the sections below, you will find the most relevant fees of LexaTrade for each asset class. For example, in the case of forex and stock index trading the most important fees are spreads, commissions and financing rates. Non-trading fees include charges not directly related to trading, like withdrawal fees or inactivity fees. The advice on this website is general in nature and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation, or needs.

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