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Lady presented on YouTube superstar David Dobrik’s route states she is raped by a Vlog Squad manhood in 2018 evening these people filmed videos about group sex

By on September 11, 2021

Lady presented on YouTube superstar David Dobrik’s route states she is raped by a Vlog Squad manhood in 2018 evening these people filmed videos about group sex

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  • David Dobrik’s Vlog team the most cherished pal associations on YouTube.
  • Today, a supplementary in a 2018 vlog states she was actually as well intoxicated to consent to love-making with Dominykas Zeglaitis, aka Durte Dom, at night time these were shooting the vlog.
  • Identical lady says she would be raped and that she feels the clip’s depiction from the intercourse as consensual is imprecise.
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A small group of seven college students had been on their own solution to encounter David Dobrik, but Hannah didn’t know which he had been.

The friends piled into undoubtedly their unique motors to look hit a video with Dobrik’s YouTube-famous posse, the Vlog group. Hannah realized the woman relatives viewed movies manufactured by the club, but did not have strategy just how famous these people really comprise.

During the time, December 2018, Dobrik involved to surpass 10 million Myspace visitors and ended up being really on their technique to getting among the many system’s greatest stars. David and the Vlog team are known for his or her hectic funny video clips which has been identified as “half-scripted.” The information feels as though a mixture of facts TV, improv, and situational comedy.

By March 2020, he would become called “Gen Z’s Jimmy Fallon” through the structure neighborhood publication, surviving in a $9.5 million estate with a $200,000 Aston Martin, as a result of lucrative sponsorships with companies like SeatGeek and Chipotle, which after sold a burrito called after your.


Previously that week, the students got begun chattering over Instagram with a Vlog Squad affiliate that went by the name Durte Dom. Dom, whose actual name is Dominykas Zeglaitis, explained this individual desired to “hook upwards” all of them — as mentioned in direct-message transcripts of the audio recommended by Insider — and a few of Hannah’s good friends were curious. That day, Hannah would grow to be ensnared inside no-holds-barred, clicks-and-cash-fueled customs your Vlog Squad members famed in video clips.

Students who’d observed Dobrik’s clips acknowledged Zeglaitis played a personality through the vlogs who was a love-making addict. They didn’t know where the figure begun and concluded, and were not certain if they were actually meant to be doing naughty things with him or her that day.

“The hot items will not be in vlog, ideal?” these people expected over immediate messages on Instagram.

“could need to get a photo simply showcase dave so he thinks me personally haha,” Zeglaitis, young age 23 during the time, replied, presumably writing about Dobrik.

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Hannah, a 20-year-old sophomore at an exclusive liberal-arts university in l . a . at that time, didn’t know what you need, but she would be awake for an experience.

She stated she couldn’t have forecast what can result that night, and therefore the happenings have remaining this model with trauma.

In cellphone interview with Insider, Hannah accused Zeglaitis of violation by performing sexual intercourse with her that night while she got therefore disabled by alcohol that this tramp could hardly consent. She states people in the Vlog team offered alcoholic to them along with her pals, who were too-young to purchase it on their own.

Dobrik shot Hannah from the condominium, and since she joined Zeglaitis’ rooms with him or her. This individual modified and published the video footage as a “threesome” plot a couple of days later on, in a vlog also known as “SHE MUST NOT NEED PLAYED WITH FIRE!!” previously got deleted at Hannah’s inquire, it had been regarded 5 million circumstances.

Hannah spoke with Insider throughout the state of anonymity considering worries that sharing the name could impact job opportunities. (In this journey, the title and people of this model partners exactly who opted for their to Zeglaitis’ home are not their own actual companies, but pseudonyms picked by Insider, and that is aware about their particular actual identifications.)

In late January, as soon as Insider for starters hit out over Zeglaitis about Hannah’s tale, he believed he or she did not wanna speak about the Vlog Squad but would talk with their “own accomplishment.” Hit once again during the early March towards claims, they declined to comment.

Insider also hit out over Dobrik’s management and each person in the Vlog Squad whom starred in the views presenting Hannah — Jason Nash, Jeff Wittek, Todd Brown, Nick Antonyan, and Brandon Calvillo. Merely Wittek responded.

The same attorney, Bryan Freedman, circulated an additional assertion to Insider with that being said, “David are going to be dealing with his or her neighborhood immediately.” The assertion continued to express: “whoever knows him or her realizes he is doing definitely not condone misconduct in any version. Vlog people provide consent before anything was announce. Whenever consent is retracted, stuff were eliminated. Any insinuation of wrongdoing try incorrect and defamatory.”

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