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L Series – The changeover time period of 1963 to 1965.Here the selection of the L-series serial put every year.

By on September 18, 2021

L Series – The changeover time period of 1963 to 1965.Here the selection of the L-series serial put every year.

Inside the very conclusion of 1962 and into 1963, Fender replaced to something in which serial rates started with an “L.” As outlined by some accounts, the L was actually designed to only be a 1 to set the cross-over into 100,000 add the prior scheme, but an L was applied by mistake.

Right here all the different the L-series serial used every year. Many of the initial people really jumped awake in late 1962 nicely:

F Collection – CBS Time 1965 – 1976.

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Following the CBS investment in Fender in 1965, the factory switched over to a new serial string with amounts that continuous alike general structure utilized before the takeover. These are generally referred to as F series due the best Fender labeled F on the neckplates for the period. This era furthermore learn a switch within the orginal four-bolt neckplate regarding the ’60s to a three-bolt neckplate in only one of these of cost-saving fees presented under CBS.

Document 1976

Establishing in 1976, Fender transitioned to a different serial amounts program and transferred the placement of most serial data into the headstock for the means. According to times and style, the amount is found on either the front or spine of headstock.

After a short period of overlap employing the older program, the post-76 quantities will start with correspondence that show the many years, followed by amount that suggests the entire year of that 10 years. The years document codes take apart in this way: S = 1970s, elizabeth = 1980s, letter = 1990s, Z = 2000s. During the 2000s, additionally see serials you start with a DZ which shows the Deluxe collection, nevertheless type is definitely or else the same.

As an example, a serial number with N4 is from 1994. One starting with Z5 might be from 2005.

This design isn’t 100percent steady as a result of countless manufacturing issues, such as Fender making further serialized graphics than required in confirmed annum. This is specifically pronounced through the transitional amount of the mid-’80s, even though the technique has-been virtually on place since about 1990.

After 2009, the letter changed to a format starting with US then two digits that tell the year of the current decade.

Learn the breakdown of Post-1976 American-made Fender serials:

American-made unique line devices adhere a close system within the above, but use a prefix S ahead of the decade page. As an example, a Signature television series keyboards from 1998 could possibly have a serial you start with SN8 as well as five digits.

American Antique Reissue brands

The major exception to all of this is the American Vintage Reissue (AVRI) series. These has serial amounts beginning with V nor stringently correlate to age. The throat dates on these axes, however, are often effective.

Built in Japan Fender Serials

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Fender Japan serial quantities can usually be obtained throughout the spine of neck near to the neck joint. Though tips in addition occur with the number from the headstock and also the neck-plate in the matter of specific very early reissue versions. Until 1997, the serial would be combined with the language “built in Japan.”

In 1982, Fender extended procedures with a number of tools created in Japan because of the Fuji Gen Gakki vendor. Such as the US serial amounts, MIJ (built in Japan) serials start off with a letter or set of letters that suggest the tough season of generation. This technique, however, was notoriously contradictory and imperfect, making it online dating by serial quantity even less reliable for MIJ Fenders.

This is a breakdown of serials the “built in Japan” days:

Crafted in Japan Serial Figures

In 1997, Fender transformed the “built in Japan” decal to mention “Crafted in Japan.” There is certainly some convergence on your older “MIJ” serials, therefore it is necessary to observe in the event your instrument brings the “manufactured in Japan” or “Crafted in Japan” decal.

Here you can find the serial quantities for any “made in Japan” or “CIJ” years:

After 2007, Fender Japan switched back to establishing Fenders as “produced in Japan” though for just a few decades instruments with both decals had been produced. Serial rates because this cross over has continuing equal string because the “CIJ” era.

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Integrated Mexico Fender Serials

Fender launched a plant in Ensenada, Mexico into the belated ’80s and musical instruments started coming off the series in 1990. Mexican-made (MIM) Fenders have a serial wide variety throughout the headstock starting with an M. Some conditions integrate some unique editions and trademark sizes plus the split US/Mexican-made California series which all have a “AMXN” at the start of their own serials.

The MIM serial wide variety strategy is actually quite straight-forward. For North american country Fenders created in the 1990s, the series will begin with an MN with amount that implies the year of this 10 years. Musical instruments created in the 2000s continue with the same type but focus on MZ. Towards 2010s, the prefix is MX1. One example is, a serial number you start with MN2 would be 1992.

This is the serial numbers failure for a majority of MIM Fenders:


There are certain conditions to every these serial multitude plans. Mentioned previously above, a lot of reissue models make use of serial number that don’t actually associate with their generation. Also, we have seen lots of singer brands, limited models or unusual systems with an exclusive serial wide variety. These include the 35th anniversary program, many of the exclusively finished Strats from very early ’80s, and various export-specific models which carry a serial multitude beginning with FN.

Again, the serial multitude by itself in every of these matters is absolutely not specified and the most readily useful means is always to combine by using more options for example the neck and body schedules, not to mention only features of the actual instrument. When you yourself have questions in regards to what Fender you are taking on, We promote one to look for a local drum look or luthier to assist sum it out.

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