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“I have actually a medication right here. LSD. Perchance you’ve been aware of it.” – Something Weird

By on May 16, 2021

“I have actually a medication right here. LSD. Perchance you’ve been aware of it.” – Something Weird

“Have you ever endured. an EGYPTIAN FEAST!?” – Blood Feast

“Paula, i might be bitch, but I’ll most likely never be considered a BUTCH. HA HA HA HA HA!” – Style of Honey.

I am a Something Weird kick myself lately. how about, “well, it appears to be like a lengthy, hard one”?

2 005 – Today i acquired a contact that made me state, “Uh-oh.” it absolutely was from a person that is british seems that my reviews are becoming unreadably self-centered and nonsensical. You notice, this is what’s happened. I am doing the website here for nine . 5 years, and now have experienced numerous phases that are different. I could about an album; this generally resulted in my writing one sentence about each song on the record when I started, my goal was to say everything. However managed to move on into being a small sillier and including in apparent jokes that we no further find amusing at all. However took a break that is long and upon my return we reviewed EACH AND EVERY ALBUM I PAID ATTENTION TO, weMMEDIATELY AFTER I PAID ATTENTION TO IT. So those reviews are typical teeny-tiny, as well as no usage whatsoever in so far as I’m worried. However joined a phase of being because unpleasant as you possibly can, composing all kinds of grotesque, useless commentary that have beenn’t even really jokes plenty as just unpleasant statements. Now right right here i will be nine . 5 years later stuck in exactly what I had been thinking had been a completely good jokes+description formula, nevertheless now i am beginning to have my doubts. See, i must say i have already been writing more about each record in my own present reviews than we ever did prior to — the thing is that we also have the need certainly to constantly amuse the easily bored, therefore I throw in most forms of absurd horseshit simply for grins and whatnot. This might be fine if my reviews continue to be readable, but evidently they are dealing with the point where they are maybe maybe not. Therefore I’m planning to you will need to enter a unique stage wherein we really STUDY our RATINGS before I post them after I write them but. What exactly is your viewpoint? Will they be getting way too hard to see? Allow some guy understand. Me personally, ideally. possibly i possibly could make an effort to place jokes simply during the end and beginning, and then leave the review part reasonably alone. Ideas?


In terms of this record album especially, it absolutely was recorded in a few sessions that are different 1968 not released until almost 10 years later on. This might be because of the fact that the songs (fusion and bop) are about since scintillating as a boring-looking bird. The name track includes an excitingly EERIE electric piano chord series, however the other countries in the band simply puds around. “Sweet Pea” perfectly strikes a doldrum mood (especially in its evocative electric piano solamente), but there is no melody additionally the remaining portion of the musical organization simply plays along with their dicks, fucking one another into the ass after which fucking their instruments, then fucking one another when you look at the asses once more along with their dicks covered in spit which had gathered inside their instruments, perhaps the bassist because he plays his bass together with his cock, which will be frequently covered when you look at the drummer’s spit since the drummer’s always blowin’ him. And “The twin Mr. Tillman Anthony Williams Rigmarole” or whatever it really is called is a great, actually actually awesome, interesting, brilliantly created half-paced r that is experimental groove cut into small pieces and reassembled with a lot of room between each part; unfortuitously it slithers along for THIRTEEN AND A HALF MINS, apparently underneath the impression that two times as long means two times as good. And certain that’s real for a few things, like tube socks or fluid paper, yet not other things. “Two Faced” is EIGHTEEN MINUTES, for paradise’s sake – and it is not really a track! And “Capricorn”? That is simply 8 1/2 moments of an astrology sign operating far from a bee! Sure, it is fast and furious, but it addittionally causes it to be clear why the Latin word “solamente” results in “urine test.” And yes, for this reason your Pete Townshend records smell so bad.

That, and because he glued the sleeves together while considering youth pictures of himself.

Which is why, i have now entered a reviewing that is new — the one that will engage all of us along with its intellectual wit and ‘on-focus’ music critique. Here is to dagos!

To tell the truth, I do not even understand just what a dago is. I understand it really is a racial slur, but of exactly just exactly what nationality I no clue. Dagoricans, i suppose?

Sure! Fuckin’ Dagoricans can consume my ass’s shitass!

I do not offer a shit about Water Babies and also you do not have to place this comment up if you do not would you like to but I do not think all of your reviews are difficult to learn, and I also don’t believe they have gotten any harder. Really, the formula of purposely misspelling record and musical organization information and incorporating tons on non sequiturs and goofy jokes plus the term “poop” in the middle of items that is usually severe is really what distinguishes you against other stone critics and it’s really why i love your reviews plenty also though we disagree with you approximately 50 and 60 per cent of that time. Basically from reading your reviews it really is apparent that you do not like sluggish and hardly changing stuff plus don’t remain calm for lots of pretence when you hypothetically offered eros escort Miramar an record a one making the review say “HALALG I WILL BE A HAMBURGER. MLOOP DROOP” or something like that absurd like this then I would personally think Well i suppose that is because he either wanted more melodies and better pacing and manufacturing. To tell the truth though your reviews have actually simply gotten better as time passes and so I would not alter such a thing.

[email protected] (Ilya from Germany) Hi Mark!

I have been reading your website for 2 years now, i believe.

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