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HTC Droid Eris.The HTC Droid Eris get surprise revise.

By on November 20, 2021

HTC Droid Eris.The HTC Droid Eris get surprise revise.

Manufactured by HTC, the Droid Eris was the next phone in Verizon’s vaunted DROID range and is also Verizon’s form of the HTC character. Unfortunately, it’s not going to get Android os 2.2.

The HTC Droid Eris receives an urgent upgrade

Verizon only launched a rather unanticipated OTA change for any HTC Droid Eris. No, severely — look! The newest posting hitting the Eris brings the tiny man to ROM: 2.41.605.6 and Radio: Unfortunately, it is not Froyo. Recall, the Eris isn’t acquiring Froyo.Here is an inventory modifications through the upgrade:Improved Wireless connections overall performance with Mercedes-Benz E350 cars. Brand-new.

Droid Eris gets some Gingerbread ROM adoring

When you yourself have conducted on stronger to your HTC Droid Eris, rather than shed hope despite having the deficiency of official changes could celebrate to know that customized ROM designer punk.kaos has taken a nice flavor of Gingerbread your product. KaosGingerbread, a Android 2.3 AOSP mainly based ROM enjoys completed many various forms, and several progress were made as you go along, each one of these simply.


Slew of Verizon mobile phones could see conclusion of lifetime in March 2011

Some Verizon Android smartphones appear to posses their end-of-life times installed over her heads. Mobile phones that curently have shuffled down this mortal coil would be the HTC Droid Eris (June 16) and earliest Droid (August 6). And a small number of devices — the Droid Incredible, LG Ally, Droid 2 and Droid X — obviously include slated for EOL on March 31, 2011. (Edit: Yes, 2011, perhaps not 2010.) That’s.

Android powerful in Consumer Reports’ smartphone rankings

Customers states’ newest smartphone score can be found in September’s problem of the mag (you learn, those things made from lumber pulp), and eight Android phones made the “Recommended” number. And Android produced the most effective two phone for three associated with the four biggest U.S. providers. The champions are (necessary):Verizon: Motorola Droid (1), HTC Droid Incredible (2), HTC Droid Eris (5)T-Mobile: HTC myTouch 3G.

Android requires top honors from BlackBerry in Q2, analyst company states

In accordance with NPD, one of the largest customer general market trends providers, Android cell phones smartphones (or superphones, as Google likes to call it), has out offered the BlackBerry in Q2’s sale. Nearly every one in three smart phones which happen to be offered today, have Android os installed on the product.The top 5 Android os devices bought in the 2nd one-fourth had been:Motorola DroidHTC Droid IncredibleHTC EVO 4GHTC.

Apple gives upwards trying to make other devices see poor, pulls examination page

Perhaps Apple at long last identified simple tips to keep a phone, or possibly it just recognized it absolutely was worst PR move to start with — either way, all those “tests” at showing some other mobile phones shedding signal power whenever conducted bring disappeared. The video showing the Droid X and Droid Eris allegedly crapping down continue to YouTube, however (though you do have enjoy dig for them somewhat on Apple’.

Droid Eris upgrade coming July 16

That is correct Droid Eris consumers, Verizon would not disregard you — there is an application posting coming on July 16 which is planned to correct an entire slew of audio and connections dilemmas. As soon as the posting to Android 2.1 folded in, there is a substantial amount of disappointment as products comprise, shall we state, broken, and with the Eris are stopped everyone else thought that ended up being the conclusion bug-fixes also.

Droid Eris MIA on Verizon’s web site

In our not-so-humble viewpoint, the HTC Droid Eris on Verizon never got the value they earned. They came in at a reduced selling price and a diminished rate than the ballyhoo’d Motorola Droid so seemed to bring a lot during the shuffle and today features pretty much started eclipsed from the HTC Droid magnificent. It absolutely was a shame, truly, considering that the Eris is an affordable way to get in on both Android and HTC’.

Android os and Google Latitude safeguard and provide a happy message board associate

It ought to were an excellent uneventful vacation weekend for Android core Forum user mapexvenus plus the missus, but true to life rarely exercises this way. Throughout longer road trip to Tahoe, they ended for only a little break at a rest end and impossible occurred — their particular auto was robbed. Together with other loot, among the things taken was actually Mrs. mapexvenus’ HTC Droid Eris. After.

Droid Eris 2.1 begins running out

Verizon cordless is commonly quite infamous, with nearly every some other mobile phone manufacturer and company, for delaying using its nice opportunity with OS posts. Android os 2.1 has been rumored becoming visiting the Droid Eris for a long time now, then some mentioned it wasn’t likely to be coming, then we come across a release time, and . yeah, you will get the point.Today is allowed to be the afternoon.

Initially dash with second and Hero 2.1, now Verizon with Droid Eris 2.1 Facts

Better, 2.1 gossip are simply just flying around these days like no other, but this time it seems like one thing a bit more concrete subsequently a rumor. Verizon seems to have revise their site showing an update for Droid Eris as “not far off”. For folks who observed the Droid 2.1 up-date unfold, you may bear in mind we noticed this ahead of the release at the same time. It appears as though brand new ROM type.

Metal Droid situations, HTC Eris and 2.1, Nexus One on Verizon, Twitter consumers

From message boards is a superb method for your, our very own people, to see the hottest subject areas becoming mentioned. But you should be a registered user and becoming a part is an easy process. So if you have never currently already done so, head-on complete and join today!Still finding some defense for the Moto Droid and those synthetic matters just don’t make the level? You will want to consider some steel instances.

Verizon showcases its (freshly) unique Skype solution for Android os mobile phones

Meet up with the new Skype, same as the outdated Skype. Except that this Skype is special on Verizon (and is also not desired on Microsoft windows mobile phone, apparently). But no worry. We have the Android-powered Motorola Droid, Droid Eris and Devour on gigantic Red, generally there should be a great amount of VOIP phoning to be had. In case you are not used to Skype as well as the whole voice-over IP (net process) thing, Verizon’s worked.

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