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Government Naija Lockdown housemates and enthusiasts, Vee and Neo are presently in demand

By on September 2, 2021

Government Naija Lockdown housemates and enthusiasts, Vee and Neo are presently in demand

on Youtube and twitter over an exclusive topic they received inside the your government quarters.

The BBNaija fans, Neo and Vee elevated doubts of having sexual intercourse into the Lockdown quarters.

Every thing started on Wednesday nights after Vee reported that this bimbo haven’t enjoyed them years when it comes to month.

Again, on monday, Neo requested if this lady has viewed this model years, introducing that she looks expecting.


The pair happened to be in the kitchen area preparing when Neo manufactured a maternity motion to which Vee next threatened to f**k him or her up-and assured him being scared rather. But an unbothered Neo starred all the way down any fears before Vee replied to your, exclaiming: “It would come across later on.’

As soon as Neo thought to them that this bird probably merely miscalculated, a visibly troubled Vee disagreed and observed that she’s held it’s place in the major uncle premises for per month and each and every day.

WITHIN NIGERIA recalls your performer, Vee have earlier in the day cried up that this beav would be sex-starved and might definitely not hold it all the way down for one more 5 weeks if she remained inside your home.

Effectively, your kitchen talk amongst the romance birds offers stirred doubts from BBNaija lovers who’re speculating about the housemates have love-making just where there was no webcams.

Below are some reactions from watchers below:

Isaactweet “ Just who merely noticed the convo between Neo and Vee in the kitchen area?expect Vee isn’t currently pregnant, cycle nevertheless to come!Are we all planning to have a Big dad newly born baby?

OfficialGeno “ So we realize once Neo and Vee have sex. In addition, Jesus penalize kayode. Actually, Vee haven’t watched this model years as well as being worried she is expecting. Neo are building enjoy it’s not a problem for him.”

Temitope852 “ Vee has become moaning to Neo about the lady belated stage and exactly how Ne9 need frightened. He mentioned he’s a mature and can not be frightened of pregnancy.”

MsJojacobs “Does they suggest Neo and Vee had romance. How come is she asking Neo if he’s definitely not frightened that the lady stage are later part of the?

Romina_Moore “My Jesus never ever flops. So Vee and Neo received unprotected sex along with her time period are slowed produces the girl feels like she expecting?

Olori_Renike “Did Vee and Neo have sexual intercourse? She’s actually worried about this era wey don miss o. “

Mz_B_b “ I’m positive they’ve been having sex through the restroom due to the fact webcams dont demonstrate the lavatory.”

Ojurepepe “ issues steady going in that house. I’m sure Eric and Lilo as well nonetheless couldn’t show us.”

Kay_20 “ Vee just taught Neo this individual must always be afraid (she hasn’t observed the woman course yet) these types of are having sex.”

_Sophh98 “ the manner in which Vee are advising Neo about this routine factor, they’ve done some. I really hope the girl stage happens.”

Ajibolaoni4 “ Biggie is just about to be an uncle.”

De_dedun “ So Vee and Neo are shattering? Wawu. I hope they might be just joking sha for the reason that duration overlook.”

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